ZA4 Alternative Blasting Media Solves Problems, Improves User ROI

Transmet’s cast zinc shot provides a bright finish without causing delamination or ferrous contamination.


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Transmet Corporation says its ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot provides a bright finish without causing delamination or ferrous contamination. The product cleans metal parts without damaging the details or raised identification numbers. Transmet says that, when compared to steel media, the considerable difference in zinc’s durability and similar bulk density without damaging the equipment or substrate make it a more desirable alternative for doing blasting work on aluminum, zinc or magnesium parts.

ZA4 can be used in any blasting equipment where the media is captured and reused, such as blasting cabinets, inline blasting machines, spin blasters, blast rooms and tumble blasters. The company says it also works well in centrifugal wheel blast, suction air and pressure blast applications. Visit transmet.com.

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