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PUBLISHED: 8/13/2018

Ultrasonic Agitation Cleaner Removes Supports from 3D-Printed Parts

Omegasonics’ 815BTX dual-tank benchtop ultrasonic cleaning machine eliminates the need to have two separate cleaning machines to remove supports that require chemicals vs. those that do not.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Webpage Highlights Critical Cleaning Lab Services

MicroCare Corp. provides both off-the-shelf products and customized cleaning fluids tailored to meet specific needs.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Air System Dries, Cools, Cleans Small Diameters

Exair’s 3/8" Super Air Wipe produces a 360-degree airstream and features a split design that can be clamped around continuously moving material such as wire, cable, pipe, hose and extruded shapes.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2018

Vacuum Process Cleans Parts Using Bubble Action

Vacuum Processing Systems’ Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) is an immersion process suited to both aqueous and solvent-based cleaning.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2018

Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Systems Compatible with Caustic Chemicals

An optional stainless steel package on the GMC series ultrasonic cleaning systems allows chemical compatibility with aggressive caustic and acidic agents.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2018

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines Handle 3D-Printed Parts

1900BTX ultrasonic cleaning machines feature two cleaning technologies: a water agitation cleaning process and ultrasonic cavitation, each operating independently to facilitate a thorough, yet gentle, cleaning process.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2018

Return-to-Operator Parts Washer Designed for Robot Interface

The Renegade I-Series RTOcarousel parts washer is designed for precision cleaning and drying of industrial components without solvents, resulting in lower environmental impact, increased automation and reduced labor costs.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2018

Linde CO2 Dry Ice System Cleans without Solvents

The Cryoclean Snow cleaning system uses compressed air and a high-pressure nozzle to eject a stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) dry ice particles and remove dirt and surface residues from plastic parts prior to painting.

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2018

Exair Stainless Steel Blow-off Nozzles Resist Corrosion, Heat

These 1/8 NPT stainless steel nozzles replace open tubes and pipe nipples on parts cleaning, drying and cooling operations.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

A Brite to Highlight Solutions for Cleaning, Finishing, Wastewater Treatment

A Brite says its exhibit at Sur/Fin 2018 will encompass the three areas in which it provides products and services: cleaning, surface finishing and wastewater treatment.

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