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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 2/20/2020

Tri-Mer Offers Stainless Steel Dust Collector Version

The MCD Whirl Wet is a modular conveyor dragout system that was engineered for facilities with high dust loadings or that operate continuously.

PUBLISHED: 2/11/2020

PRAB Ultrafiltration Systems Offer Smaller Footprints

Ultrafiltration system comes in two compact versions.

PUBLISHED: 2/11/2020

MacDermid Enthone Enseal is Chromium-Free Sealer

Product is an ELV-compliant clear, water-based inorganic sealer for use on electroplated, zinc and zinc-nickel finishes.

PUBLISHED: 2/10/2020

Caplugs CSP-SH Series Fits Close, Nominal Holes

Plugs protects holes from foreign object debris.

PUBLISHED: 2/6/2020

Atotech Offers Pretreatment, Paint Removal for Ecoat

Chemistries are designed for a variety of applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/4/2020

Hitachi FT160 XRF Analyzes Ultrathin Coatings

Benchtop unit designed for high sample throughput for quality control.

PUBLISHED: 2/4/2020

Darrah's Rectifier Controller Features Higher Efficiency

Switchmode IGBT controlled rectifiers can be configured for lab work as well as large production lines.

PUBLISHED: 2/4/2020

Sifco ASC Travel Kits Offer Portable Touch-ups

Kits are designed for on-site operations where repair times are critical.

PUBLISHED: 2/3/2020

Ransohoff's Rotosonic System Cleans in Single Machine

System cleans heavily soiled parts in a compact machine.

PUBLISHED: 1/30/2020

Caplugs CSPP Plugs Mask Angled Faces

Caplugs’ CSPP series plugs can be used for finishing processes.