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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 8/30/2019

Production Plus Offers Custom Racking Solutions

Products designed to maximize density and efficiency in powder, ecoat, plating and wet spray systems.

PUBLISHED: 8/29/2019

George Koch and Divisions Provide Custom Surface Finishing Equipment

George Koch Sons, along with divisions PriceWalgren and Jessup Systems, designs, manufactures and installs custom surface finishing equipment for applications such as electrocoat, liquid/powder paint, plating, phosphate, anodizing and...

PUBLISHED: 8/29/2019

Fischer Tools Reduce Measuring Time

Nanodentation and progressive load scratch testers measure mechanical properties of coatings.

PUBLISHED: 8/29/2019

LeKem's MicroKoat EN Chemistry Features Antimicrobial Preservative

The product can also be used for everyday production and has a stable, uniform rate of 8-10 metal turnovers.

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2019

Calvary Develops In-House Control System

CALeye 2.0 provides customizable, automated control for pretreatment systems.

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2019

Atotech Pretreatments Designed for Metal Substrates

Products available in variety of process options.

PUBLISHED: 8/5/2019

Ecoclean Machine Combines Deburring and Cleaning

EcoCvelox is flexible, modular system for deburring and cleaning in one-piece flow.

PUBLISHED: 7/1/2019

Ecoclean Combines Wet Cleaning and Plasma Treatment in Single Machine

Advantages of integrated plasma cleaning process in ultrafine degreasing include operating flexibility, reduced process times, low investment and operating costs, and a compact equipment build.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2019

Hemco Floor-Mounted Fume Hoods Include Fire-Suppression Systems

Modular design allows for on-site assembly and ability to disassemble.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2019

Sensofar 3D Optical Profiler Designed for Speed

Microscope designed for subnano, nano and microscale measurement.