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PUBLISHED: 8/13/2018

Silver Anti-Tarnish Processes Prevent Yellowing Under Harsh Conditions

Technic offers Techniseal and Tarniban KS II silver anti-tarnish processes designed to prevent yellow discoloration under harsh conditions. Both can be used in barrel, rack and high-speed reel-to-reel applications.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Process Solutions Specially Formulated for Metal Coil

Henkel offers a variety of Bonderite process solutions for the metal coil industry, specially formulated for high-speed and continuous operation of manufacturing lines, as well as greater cost-efficiency and sustainability.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Zincate for Aluminum Alloys Extends EN Bath Life

Atotech’s Alumseal 611 zincate process is designed to produce very thin zinc coatings that reduce the amount of zinc contamination in the electroless nickel bath and eliminate the need for an EN strike bath.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Thick-Film Passivate Protects Both Zinc and Zinc-Nickel

Atotech’s EcoTri One is a fluoride-free, iridescent, thick-film passivate that provides improved corrosion protection for both zinc and zinc-nickel, requiring only one passivate tank in the plating line for parts plated with both elements.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

A Brite to Highlight Solutions for Cleaning, Finishing, Wastewater Treatment

A Brite says its exhibit at Sur/Fin 2018 will encompass the three areas in which it provides products and services: cleaning, surface finishing and wastewater treatment.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

Optimum Anode Offers Dimensionally Stable Anodes

Optimum Anode Technologies provides dimensionally stable anodes with a range of mixed-metal oxide coatings, including iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, platinum and proprietary oxide coatings, as well as platinum plated and clad material.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

Modular Rectifiers Help Minimize Downtime

Available in both air-cooled and water-cooled varieties, KraftPowercon’s FlexKraft modular rectifiers are designed to perform at maximum-load operation, 24/7, in harsh, corrosive environments.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

Pump-and-Filter Systems Provide Continuous Particle Removal

Serfilco’s HM pleated filtration systems are designed for high flow and high turnover rates for continuous particle removal.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

Acid Zinc Plating Bath Can Be Mix-Potassium or All-Ammonium

Dipsol’s Z-3000 acid zinc plating system can be operated as a mixed-potassium bath or as an all-ammonium process to achieve high plating efficiency and corrosion resistance.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2018

Ventilation System Designed for Energy Savings, Worker Protection

KCH Engineered Systems will display its Smart Tank Cover system at Sur/Fin 2018, designed for energy savings and increased worker protection against airborne fugitive emissions.

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