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Company Profile

ElektroPhysik is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments used for advancing surface technology, research and quality control.

Advancing with Technology....ElektroPhysik

MiniTest 700 Series with SIDSP® digital sensor technology The MiniTest 700 Series features SIDSP® developed by ElektroPhysik exclusively for ElektroPhysik.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Gages Available with Different Probe Configurations
At Fabtech 2017, ElektroPhysik will display the three models in its MiniTest 700 Series gage platform, which are available with different probe configurations.

ElektroPhysik's SmarTest Available for Wireless Readings
The ElektroPhysik’s SIDSP digital sensors send readings directly to Smartphones or Tablets.

ElektroPhysik’s Digital Sensors Compatible with Smartphones
The SmarTest platform sends coating thickness measurements to a smartphone or tablet via the free SmarTest application.

ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness Gages
ElektroPhysik will display its new MiniTest 7400 series coating thickness gages with SIDSP digital sensor technology.

ElektroPhysik Thickness Measurement Gage Has Digital Sensor for Improved Accuracy
The MiniTest 7400 thickness measurement gage from ElektroPhysik features SIDSP digital sensor technology for improved accuracy and repeatability.

MiniTest 600 Series

Mini Gauge Boasts Improved Accuracy
ElektroPhysik has redesigned its MiniTest 600 Series.

Pocket-Sized Coating Measurement
ElektroPhysik’s MiniTest 70 series pocket size coating thickness measurement gauge with SIDSP  32-bit-signal processing technology.

The MiniTest 700 Series coating thickness testing gauges available from ElektroPhysik have SIDSP digital sensor technology for high resolution and accuracy.

Edge effect

Improved Coating Thickness Measurement
It’s possible—with a little knowledge and some common sense guidelines

Thickness Measurement
MiniTest FH 7000 series thickness measurement instruments feature SIDSP(Sensor-integrated digital Signal Processing) technology, whichis said to provide greater accuracy and repeatability.

Elektro-Physik USA Inc.
Elektro Physik will display and demonstrate its new MiniTest 700 Series featuring Sensor Integrated Digital Signal Processing (SIDSP) digital sensor technology, designed to provide greater accuracy and higher repeatability because the complete signal is processed at the point measurement.

MiniTest 700 series coating thickness measurement instruments

Emphasis on Repeatability
Coating thickness measurement goes digital

Coating Thickness Measurement

Menu-Driven Coating Thickness Gage
The eXacto is a menu-driven gage designed for fast and easy setup and operation.

Portable Colorimeter
Brochure highlights the ColorTest.

Coating Thickness Testing Gages
From the MikroTest through the eXacto and into the MiniTest Series, the company offers products that have been said to be specifically designed to meet the applications that exist in today’s demanding anti-corrosion and quality control world.

Surface Testing Instruments
Brochure features the company's testing instruments which include testers for viscosity, hardness, adhesion, film applicators, deformation, wet film and powder thickness, wear, gloss, color, roughness, ultrasonic thickness, opacity, materical hardness, material thickness and more.

Color Measurement
Brochure provides detailed information on the new ColorTest--color measureing gage.

Product Categories of ElektroPhysik USA

Testing Equipment, abrasion resistance
Testing Equipment, accelerated weathering
Testing Equipment, adhesion
Testing Equipment, color
Testing Equipment, gloss
Testing Equipment, impact resistance
Testing Equipment, paint film discontinuity
Testing Equipment, paint film flexibility
Testing Equipment, salt spray
Testing Equipment, thickness of coating