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KraftPowercon manufactures rectifiers for electroplating and metal finishing processes. With its unique modular design, FlexKraft stands out from the crowd offering valuable features such as: multiple outputs, upgradeable power and self-serviceability.  With an output ranging from 0-60V and 0-24,000A and a multitude of control options, our rectifiers offer the flexibility to provide a customized, “best-fit” solution for all of our customers.   With more than 15,000 units sold worldwide and 80 years of experience, you can count on FlexKraft as a reliable solution for your process.  If you would like to learn how the FlexKraft can help your business save money and become more competitive within the industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Meet the FlexKraftKraftPowercon's FlexKraft rectifiers offer a unique modular design catered to the electroplating and metal finishing industries.

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KraftPowercon’s Rectifier Features Dual Mode
Can be programmed to run different volts, amps and programs to different tanks simultaneously.

Modular Rectifiers Help Minimize Downtime
Available in both air-cooled and water-cooled varieties, KraftPowercon’s FlexKraft modular rectifiers are designed to perform at maximum-load operation, 24/7, in harsh, corrosive environments.

The rectifiers are designed for 24/7 max load operation in harsh conditions.

FlexKraft Rectifiers Eliminate Shutdowns with Multiple Outputs
KraftPowercon's FlexKraft rectifiers offer a modular design catered to the electroplating and metal finishing industries.

KraftPowercon’s Rectifiers Minimize Downtime
The rectifiers are designed to be customizable and energy-saving.

E-coat Offers High-edge Protection, REACH Compliance
Powercron AdvantEdge e-coat offers several performance advantages over e-coats based on conventional metal-based catalyzing technologies.

FlexKraft rectifier

Modular Rectifier Maximizes Uptime with Failsafe Functionality
These rectifiers are designed to give high electrical performance in demanding industrial environments.

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