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Company Profile

Magic Rack is a complete finishing/coating provider.

Magic Rack/Production Plus Launches New Web Site!

Production Plus Corp., makers of MagicRack®, is excited and proud to introduce its all-new, completely re-imagined and re-designed website, at the familiar address of

Magic Rack/Production Plus Launches New Web Site!

Coupled with our patented Magic Rack® paint rack and paint hook technology, we have set the standard in designing and manufacturing customized industrial finishing paint racks and paint hooks for liquid spray, powder coating, e-coating and a variety of other industrial finishing applications.

Magic Rack/Production Plus Launches New Web Site!

Magic Rack® MP racking systems use a patent-pending spring torsion wire form and square tube to connect multiple tiers.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Evaluating and Solving Racking Needs on Any Scale
Taking on a new coating project can be challenging, but Donovan Dixon of ProductionPlus says proper planning can make things go smoother, especially if you are implementing a new line or a larger project.

John Schott, vice president of business development, Magic Rack/Production Plus

Production Plus Corp/Magic Rack Hires its First VP of Business Development
Production Plus Corp. has hired John Schott as its first vice president of business development.

When to Look at Racking Options on a New Line
Where does racking fit in planning a new powder coating line? Production Plus’ Donovan Dixon says right from the start.

CAD Capabilities Bring Racking Solutions to Life
Production Plus uses AutoCAD from design to fabrication, streamlining production and ensuring maximum rack density.

Production Plus Corp.

Production Plus Racking Solutions Increase Line Density to Boost Efficiency
The company works closely with customers to develop hanging/holding solutions for a variety of products.

How to Increase Throughput with Racking
Q. How can I increase the throughput of my finishing line through proper racking protocols?

Just a Hook? Watch Production Plus' Magic Rack's CNC Wire Bending Video
CNC wire bending capabilities video that shows how the Columbus, Ohio-based company can complete customized requests with precision.

This year, Products Finishing looks back at the industry’s top new products and services for industrial surface finishing.

Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016
We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year.

Magic Rack from Production Plus

Hook Organizer Designed for Use as Detangling System
Production Plus Corp displays its new hook organizer from Magic Rack, designed for use as a detangling system at plant loading stations or as a method of secure transport for hooks to be cleaned.

Racking Up Profits in Coating Operations
Racking is often the first process when parts arrive at a finishing shop, but it’s the last process anyone thinks about when it comes to improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

Magic Rack’s Hook Organizer, Transport and Burn-off System Streamlines Production
Racks organize part hooks securely for time and labor savings.

MagicRack Unveils New Website
Visitors can view the broad range of industrial solutions offered, and can even purchase their standard products online.

Magic Rack’s Heavy-Duty Transport System Engineered to Increase Density
This ergonomic system consists of a rolling base that holds a removable heavy-duty rack frame.

Magic Rack large-part finishing rack

Large-Part Finishing Racks Provide 600-lb Capacity
Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp. offers its heavy-duty large-part finishing racks featuring a 600-lb capacity.

Magic Rack Heavy-Duty Racks

Finishing Racks Accommodate 600-lb Parts
Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp. offers its heavy-duty large parts finishing racks with a 600-lb capacity, removable dolly, drip pan, handle, crossbars and hooks for off-line loading and unloading, transporting, washing, painting and curing.

Magic Rack Multi-Purpose Paint Rack
The new Magic Rack MP paint rack from Magic Rack/Production Plus is specifically designed to allow adjustability for e-coat systems, but it will also work for powder coating and other finishing applications as well, eliminating the need to buy dedicated racks for each process.

Magic Rack Multi-Purpose Rack Handles E-Coating, More
Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp.’s MP multi-purpose rack is designed specifically for e-coating but can be used for wet spray or powder coating as well, eliminating the need to buy dedicated racks for specific finishing.

Hooks Can Both Hang, Mask Parts
Magic Rack/Production Plus can incorporate masking solutions into its racking products, designing a hook that can both hang and mask a part.

A Conversation with ... Dan Davitz, MagicRack
It’s hard to track down Dan Davitz these days, as business at his company is keeping him and his employees busy, busy, busy.

Multi-Purpose Rack
Magic Rack/Production Plus will introduce the Magic Rack MP, a multi-purpose rack that enables users to change design on the fly in order to coat a variety of different parts.

Meeting the E-Coat Racking Challenge
Boosting productivity is an ongoing challenge on any industrial finishing line, especially those lines where racks have to be reconfigured to accommodate different sized parts.

Product Categories of Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp.

Conveyor Hangers, rotating
Masking Caps, Discs, Plugs
Racks, plating, painting and anodizing