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Poly Products Evaporation Equipment

Poly Products manufactures the patented ET-III-W Atmospheric Evaporator, and the ET-Companion Condenser for evaporating water from plating, processing and waste water tanks. These units are molded from polyethylene or kynar with no seams for leak free operations. Typical applications are on nickel, chrome, zinc and waste water applications. The savings from the recovered chemicals and the reduced loads on the plant's waste treatment system pay for these units within a year on most applications. When storage and additional heat is required to help improve evaporation rates, Poly Products offers a complete Heated Tank Sytems. This system includes a stand, storage tank with heaters, pump, control panel, and the evaporation equipment all piped together. The tank and heater materials of construction is individually engineered for each application. Poly Products evaporation equipment is simple to install, operate and maintain and is available for fast delivery at reasonable prices.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Poly Products ET-III-W Reduces Water Waste
ET-III-W from Poly Products Inc. is said to be free of complicated machinery and chemistry.

Poly Products Atmospheric Evaporator

Poly Products Closes Loop on Wastewater Evaporation
Poly Products’ Atmospheric Evaporator is designed operate at ambient to moderately low temperatures, allowing safe evaporation of water from plating solutions, rinse water for recovery of plating metals or wastewater.

Waste Treatment Equipment
Met-Chem will showcase its line of waste treatment equipment, including filter presses, clarifiers, sludge dryers, complete systems and component parts.

Met-Chem Waste Treatment Equipment
Met-Chem and its sister companies, Auto Technology and Poly Products, will exhibit a variety of products at SUR/FIN 2012, including Met-Chem's waste treatment equipment.

Waste Treatment Equipment, Contract Testing Services
Met-Chem along with sister companies, Poly Products and Auto Technology will feature its full line of waste treatment equipment and related supplies at Sur/Fin 2011.

Recovery Systems
Poly Products will feature its patented atmospheric evaporator and heated tank system.

Evaporation System
The ET-III-W is a high-efficiency evaporation system designed specifically to evaporate water from high-solids content solutions, helping users recover chemicals from rinse water.

Pollution Control Technologies
Products and systems that can help finishers comply with environmental regulations

Evaporative Tank
The Evaporative TankTM atmospheric evaporator removes water from plating and wastewater solutions.

Poly Products, Inc.
Poly Products will feature its atmospheric evaporator and heated tank system.

Tank for Dragout Recover and Wastewater Reduction
Literature showcases the evaporative tank series which was developed as a cost-saving means of recovering valuable dragout.

Poly Products
Poly Products will display its ET-III-W ®    Atmospheric Evaporator and ET-Companion Condenser ®   for evaporating water from plating tanks and waste waters;  thus recovering the chemicals and water.

Recover Plating Chemicals
The Evaporative TankTM atmospheric evaporators evaporate water from process, chemical and plating solutions.

Poly Products CO.
519 Company will display its complete line of evaporation and recovery equipment.

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Filter Presses
Filtration Equipment, solution
Pollution Control Equipment, chemical destruction
Pollution Control Equipment, evaporative recovery