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Company Profile

Technic's Equipment Division has supplied custom equipment, general supplies and service to the plating industry for over 35 years.

Conventional Automatic and Manual Hoist Systems

  Technic is a global leader in: Specialty Chemicals Surface Finishing Equipment Engineered Powder and Flake Analytical Control Tools   End-use markets include:  Semiconductors Electronic Connectors and Components Printed Circuit Boards Industrial Finishing Medical Devices Decorative Applications     Manual and fully automatic Sidearm, Overhead and Rim Runner hoist systems.

Laboratroy Style, Supplies, Service and Support

  Technic is a global leader in: Specialty Chemicals Surface Finishing Equipment Engineered Powder and Flake Analytical Control Tools   End-use markets include:  Semiconductors Electronic Connectors and Components Printed Circuit Boards Industrial Finishing Medical Devices Decorative Applications     Technic manufactures equipment designed for small scale production, research, application testing and new product development.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Technic Spouted Bed Electroplater Used for Small Components
Technic features a range of manual, automated hoist and continuous surface finishing systems.

Technic's Goldeneye Nickel EF Suitable for Electroforming Applications
Nickel electroplating process designed to produce fully bright, lustrous nickel deposits over a wide range of current densities.

Technic Techniseal and Tarniban KS II silver anti-tarnish processes

Silver Anti-Tarnish Processes Prevent Yellowing Under Harsh Conditions
Technic offers Techniseal and Tarniban KS II silver anti-tarnish processes designed to prevent yellow discoloration under harsh conditions. Both can be used in barrel, rack and high-speed reel-to-reel applications.

Technic Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE)

Electroplating Method Suited for Small Components
Technic will showcase a variety of technologies for industrial and electronic finishing at Sur/Fin 2018, including its Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE), a patented method of electroplating small components such as electronic connectors, pins, chip capacitors and resistors. website

Technic Launches New Website is designed to offer quick and easy access to information about the company’s products, applications and expertise, as well as industry-related news and a variety of other tools and resources.

laboratory items

Technic Italgalvano Opens New Lab
The company has completed a 300-square-meter state-of-the-art laboratory in Lodi Vecchio, just outside of Milan, Italy, to support increased customer service demands.

The Pallaspeed 990 process incorporates a minimal amount of hydrogen during plating.

Pure Palladium Deposit Features High Ductility, Low Stress for Connector Applications
Technic introduces Pallaspeed 990, a new pure palladium electroplating process for high-volume electronic applications.

Technic hoist system.

Technic Features Overhead, Sidearm, Rim Runner Hoist Systems
Technic hoist systems feature modular construction and are pre-wired and pre-plumed for easy transport, assembly and fast startups.

Claudia Mosher, product manager for Technic Inc.

Technic Appoints Claudia Mosher Product Manager for Anodizing Processes
Technic announces the appointment of Claudia Mosher as product manager for anodizing and powder coating pretreatment products in North America.

Technic Acquires Exclusive Distribution Rights for Alufinish Products in the U.S. and Canada
Technic acquires exclusive distributor rights for Alufinish’s anodizing and powder coating pretreatment products in the U.S. and Canada.

This year, Products Finishing looks back at the industry’s top new products and services for industrial surface finishing.

Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016
We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year.

Technic enters agreement with Otomec for wire, strip, coil, bar, and tube equipment
Agreement further expands Technic’s reel-to-reel and roll-to-roll global market presence with expanded resources and technologies for the continuous processing industrial finishing industry in the U.S.

Technic Enters Mexico Distribution Agreement with Galber S.A. de C.V.
Mexico’s leading surface finishing distributor to offer Technic products.

Technibrite HT 1000 Bright Tin Acid Process for Rack and Barrel Plating
Bright acid tin process suitable for rack and barrel electroplating applications iImproves appearance and performance of parts with complex geometries.

Gold Plating Services Installs Technic ENEPIG Process
With the addition of the electroless palladium to the existing TechniPad ENIG process, GPS says it is capable of providing a service exceeding both IPC 4552 for ENIG and IPC 4556 for ENEPIG.

Technic’s SBE Eliminates Tin and Nickel Deposits
The chamber of the Sprouted Bed Electrode is designed for rapid circulation of parts over the cathode current feeder without the use of any mechanical movement.

Spouted Bed Electroplater

Plating Process Accommodates Components as Small as 0.25 Inches
The SBE (Spouted Bed Electroplater) is Technic Inc.’s process for plating small components such as connectors, pins, chips and other types of small parts with advantages over conventional barrel plating.

Dr. Sylas LaPlante of Technic Inc.

Technic Inc. Appoints Metal Flake Development Scientist
Dr. Sylas LaPlante is a metal flake development scientist for the company’s Engineered Powders division.

Technic Launches Technology Support Hub
The company’s support hub will be available in North America, Europe and Asia for users to better access technology resources.

Pure Tin Plating Solution Eliminates Splatter
Technic announces the release of Ceramistan 1031, a pure tin electrolytic plating bath specially formulated for use with sensitive ceramic components.

Product Categories of Technic, Inc.

Acid Salts
Ampere-Hour Meters
Anode Bags
Anode Bars, Baskets, Hooks
Anodes, carbon
Anodes, copper
Anodes, lead
Anodes, nickel
Anodes, platinum-and/or palladium-clad
Anodes, silver
Anodes, tin
Anodes, tin-lead
Anodizing Processes and Equipment, aluminum hardcoat
Barrel Finishing Equipment
Barrel Plating Equipment
Baskets, dipping, pickling, handling
Blowers, air (for push-pull ventilation)
Blowers, air (for solution agitation)
Brightener Feeders, automatic
Brush Plating Equipment, Solutions and Supplies
Brushes, cleaning and polishing
Carbon, activated
Cathode Rod Agitators
Chelating Agents
Chemical-Polishing Processes
Cleaning and Phosphating Equipment
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Cleaning Equipment, ultrasonic
Computer Control Systems for Finishing Processes
Controls, liquid level
Controls, pH
Controls, rinse tank concentration
Controls, temperature
Conveyor Loading/Unloading Equipment, automatic
Danglers and Cathode Contacts, barrel plating
Degreasers, solvent, vapor
Descaling Chemicals
Drum Pumps
Dryers, centrifugal
Dryers, solvent
Electroforming Equipment
Electropolishing Equipment
Equipment Engineering and Installation Services
Etching Machines
Exhaust Systems
Filtration Equipment, solution
Heaters, immersion
Hoists, traveling: automatically controlled
Hoists, traveling: manually controlled
Infrared Heaters, electric
Infrared Heaters, gas
Laboratory Supplies, plating
Mechanical Plating Equipment
Mechanical Plating Supplies
Mixers, Stirrers
Nickel Activators
Ovens, convection
Ovens, high-velocity
Ovens, infrared
Periodic-Reverse Equipment, Current Interrupters
pH Meters
Plating Activators, all metals
Plating and Anodizing Equipment
Plating Conveyors
Plating Equipment, continuous (wire and strip)
Plating Processes for Plastics
Plating Processes for Printed Circuits
Plating Processes, alloy: chromium substitute
Plating Processes, copper
Plating Processes, copper, electroless
Plating Processes, gold
Plating Processes, gold, electroless
Plating Processes, indium
Plating Processes, nickel
Plating Processes, nickel sulfamate
Plating Processes, nickel, colored
Plating Processes, nickel, electroless
Plating Processes, palladium
Plating Processes, palladium, electroless
Plating Processes, platinum
Plating Processes, rhenium, ruthenium
Plating Processes, rhodium
Plating Processes, rhodium, electroless
Plating Processes, silver
Plating Processes, silver, electroless
Plating Processes, tin
Plating Processes, tin, electroless
Plating Processes, tin-lead
Plating Processes, tin-nickel
Plating Timers
Pollution Control Equipment, electrolytic recovery
Pollution Control Equipment, ion exchange
Power Supplies for Electrostatic Processes
Printed Circuit Board Etchants
Printed Circuit Board Processing Chemicals
Printed Circuit Board Processing Equipment
Pulse Plating Power Supplies
Pumps, chemical additive
Rectifier Rebuilding and Repair
Refiners and Reclaimers, metals
Selective Plating Machines
Steam Cleaning Compounds
Stripping Solutions, metal
Tank Linings, Tumbling Barrel Linings
Tanks, metal
Tanks, plastic
Tarnish-Preventive Treatments
Test Cells, plating solution
Testing Equipment, Hull Cell
Titanium Racks, baskets