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Ace Equipment Industrial Ovens Suited for Variety of Applications
Ace Equipment Co. manufactures electric or gas-fired industrial ovens for a variety of applications, including curing powder coatings.

Ace Equipment Launches New Website
Ace Equipment Co. has launched a new website,, with information on its hybrid radiant tube burn-off oven, industrial curing ovens, powder coating ovens and coil winding equipment.

Ace Equipment Radiant Tube Oven Offers Uniform Temperature
The main burner of Ace Equipment’s Hybrid burn-off oven system fires directly into a stainless steel tube that is positioned below the single platform cart.

Oven Cleans with Low Nitrogen Oxide Emissions
Ace Equipment Co.’s Low NOx oven is designed to efficiently strip coatings from parts such as wire baskets while maintaining low nitrogen oxide emissions.

Radiant Tube Oven Offers Increased Efficiency
The main burner on Ace Equipment’s Hybrid RT radiant tube burn-off oven system fires directly into a stainless steel tube positioned below the single platform cart, offering 93 percent efficiency versus the 60 percent provided by convection-only ovens, the company says.

Oven System Manufacturer Offers New Parts Cleaning Service
ACE Equipment Co., manufacturer of the hybrid radiant-tube burn-off oven system, announces a new parts cleaning service.

ACE Equipment
ACE will exhibit its high-efficiency Hybrid burn-off oven system with a design that provides 93% efficiency.

ACE Equipment Co.
ACE will exhibit the hybrid radiant tube burnoff oven.

Ovens for Curing, Baking and Stripping
Featuring Burn-Off Ovens, Curing Ovens, Infrared Ovens and More...

Burn Off Ovens
Company offers the latest technology in Burn Off Ovens.

Burn Off Oven
The Hybrid Radiant Tube Oven System is designed to provide a safe, efficient method to remove powder coating, paint, grease, oil, varnish, rubber, plastic, etc.

Burn Off Oven System
The Hybrid Energy Radiant Tube Burn Off Oven System (patent o.

Controller for Burnoff Ovens
The One Touch Control is an automatic self-adjusting system made for burn-off systems.

ACE Equipment Company
The company will be exhibiting the New Hybrid Radiant Tube Burnoff Oven System.

Burn-off ovens

Powder Coating: Keeping Racks Clean
Every electrostatic powder coating shop has to find a way to remove powder buildup on racks and fixtures to maintain electrical conductivity. Finishers typically have two options: outsource the cleaning or install in-house stripping...

Radiant Tube
Brochure describes the new energy hybrid Radiant Tube Burn Off System.

Burn-Off Oven
Company offers a new booklet with advice on what to look for when purchasing a Burn Off oven to strip paint and powder coating from racks, hooks, parts, etc.

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Ovens, convection
Paint Stripping Equipment, burn off
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