Acme Manufacturing Co.

4240 N Atlantic Blvd.
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Fritz Carlson Appointed President and CEO of Acme Manufacturing Company
Acme Manufacturing Company (Auburn Hills, MI) announces G. A. “Fritz” Carlson III as President, Chief Executive officer (CEO) and majority shareholder of Acme.

Acme Manufacturing Co. Hires Director of Engineering
Sula has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing engineering

Acme Appoints Director of Business Development-Europe
Acme Manufacturing Co. has appointed Adam Norris director of business development-Europe.

Acme Dual-Robot Finishing Cell

Dual-Robot Finishing Cell for Small Parts
Acme Manufacturing Co's new high production dual-robotic finishing cell is designed for unattended polishing, grinding, deburring or buffing of parts weighing up to five lbs. each.

three-cell setup

In-House and Cost-Competitive
Beat offshoring with affordable automated polishing/deburring.

Compound Spray Gun
The Acme/Polispray 3 was designed by Acme Manufacturing Co. as a direct replacement for the Widospray high/low pressure airless liquid compound spray applicator.

Bumper Polishing System
This bumper polishing system utilizes a Fanuc six-axis robot that automatically picks up the bumper from a load / unload turntable and manipulates the movement of the bumper through a series of heavy duty grinding and buffing operat ions.

Polishing and buffing robots

Eyeing Robotics?
Thinking about automating your buffing and polishing operations? Factors such as return on investment, health and safety issues and auxiliary costs should be considered before taking the plunge.

Advancements in Automated Polishing, Buffing and Deburring
As we enter the new millennium, it might be constructive to critique the many changes we are experiencing in the way we must do business to survive, grow and prosper in an ever changing and expanding global market.

Product Categories of Acme Manufacturing Co.

Deburring Equipment
Lathes, buffing and polishing
Polishing and Buffing Equipment, automatic
Polishing Machinery, abrasive belt
Robots, deburring, buffing, polishing
Used Equipment