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As Seen In Products Finishing

Sulfate Process Additive
Nova Speed 2005 is an all-sulfate process additive said to provide a bright, high-gloss finish in high-speed continuous electroplating operations of zinc or zinc/iron alloy.

Additive System for Zinc Plating
The Novalyte 404 B&C chemistry consists of a two part additive system for chloride zinc processes and sulfate-based acid zinc electrolyte baths.

Alkaline, Non-Cyanide Additive
Novalyte NC-CU is an additive that is an alkaline, non-cyanide solution that alleviates the environmental and safety concerns of cyanide-based copper electroplating systems and can be used to deliver a semi-bright to bright finish deposit from the alkaline solution.

Dye Absorption Product
Dye absorption product is a clear passivation coating for parts having electroplated zinc deposits.

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