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As Seen In Products Finishing

Non-Contact IR Thermometer Offers 5 Operating Modes
The Spot R100 high-temperature infrared thermometer from Ametek’s Land Instruments unit combines five different operating modes and offers enhanced on-board processing capabilities, eliminating the need for a separate signal processing device.

Heat Exchanger Tubing for Severe Environments
Ametek Fluoropolymer Products will display its Q-Series heat exchanger tubing, which is designed to provide blister prevention in severe applications involving highly corrosive fluids combined with high operating pressures and temperatures.

Atlas Material Testing Systems Evaluate Fluorescent UV, Xenon Exposure
Atlas Material Testing Technology’s Atlas UVTest is designed to test a variety of materials for their reaction to fluorescent ultraviolet exposure, temperature and moisture.

Spectro Analytical Instruments Spectrometer Uses ETV to Detect Trace Metals
The Spectro Arcos ICP-OES spectrometer from Ametek Inc.’s Spectro Analytical Instruments unit uses electrothermal vaporization (ETV) for improved sensitivity in solid material analysis of pure metals and ceramics.

Ametek Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers
Ametek Fluoropolymer Products will display its fluoropolymer heat exchangers, which are designed to resist fouling, corrosion and scale buildup, unlike traditional heat exchangers that are constructed of metal and commonly challenged by corrosion.

Ametek Acquires Atlas Material Testing Technology
The weathering test instrument company joins Ametek as part of its Measurement and Calibration Technologies division.

Solution Heating and Cooling
Solution heating and cooling are essential parts of many finishing processes.

Immersion Coil and Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
Immersion Coil and Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers produced from ultrahigh-purity PFA or FEP fluoropolymer resins are now available.

AMETEK, Inc. will be exhibited SUPERCOIL heat exchangers that are designed for heating and cooling a wide range of metal finishing solutions, including electroplating, electroforming, and electroless plating baths; acidic and alklaline solutions for etching; chemical milling; anodizing; cleaning; stripping; electropolishing and similar operations.

Product Categories of Ametek Fluoropolymer Products

Coils, liquid heating and cooling
Cooling Equipment for Plating and Anodizing Solutions
Heat Exchangers
Heaters, immersion