Atlantic Specialty Chemicals Corp.

317 Godwin Ave.
Midland Park, NJ 07432 US


Product Categories of Atlantic Specialty Chemicals Corp.

Aluminum Etchants and Deoxidizers
Anodizing Processes, aluminum
Anodizing Sealants
Anti-Mist Chemical Additives
Bright Dips
Buffing-Compound Applicators
Burnishing Compounds
Chelating Agents
Chromate Conversion Coatings
Chrome-Free Final Rinses (for paint pretreatment)
Chromium-Free Conversion Coatings for Aluminum
Cleaning & Pretreatment Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Coatings, strippable-plastic
Degreasers, solvent, vapor
Descaling Chemicals
Filters, spray booth
Flocculants, Polyelectrolytes
Foam-Control Chemical Additives
Inhibitors, acid pickling
Mass-Finishing Compounds
Oil Recovery and Recycling
Paint Strippers, chemical
Paint Stripping Materials, solvent-based
Phosphate Coating Chemicals
Pollution Control Chemicals, chromium reduction
Pollution Control Chemicals, cyanide oxidation
Pollution Control Chemicals, heavy-metal removal
Pollution Control Chemicals, sulfide precipitation
Protective Films
Pumps, chemical additive
Rinse Aids
Rust Removers
Rust-Converting Coatings
Rust-Preventive Chemicals and Oils
Smut Removers, aluminum
Solvents, degreasing
Solvents, mask washing
Spray Booth Cleaning Materials
Spray Booth Coatings
Spray Booth Compounds, water wash
Steam Cleaning Compounds
Surface-Active Agents
Tarnish-Preventive Treatments
Testing Service, accelerated weathering