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Atotech USA, LLC
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Our relentless R&D efforts, combined with our global TechCenter presence, allow us to offer pioneering products and unparalleled on-site customer support – making us a valuable partner for the many industries we serve.


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Atotech To Showcase Innovative Paint Pretreatment, Paint Removal Products

Atotech To Showcase Innovative Paint Pretreatment, Paint Removal Products 

Advances in Near Neutral pH Descaling

Scott Francis Products Finishing

Atotech’s UniPrep AC products offer versatile alternatives to conventional chemical and mechanical descaling methods.

Atotech's DynaSmart Plating Line Enhances Efficiency

Atotech’s DynaSmart includes a new automation system that allows the simultaneous movement of several product carriers through different plating tanks.

Atotech's Hybrid Approach Combines Organic and Plating Finishes

Atotech has more than 100 hybrid systems for applications such as painting over chrome for decorative trim and painting over zinc alloy plating for brake calipers.

Atotech USA, LLC

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