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As Seen In Products Finishing

Birchwood Tru Temp XT Coats Difficult-to-Blacken Metals
Process forms durable black oxide finish on steel, iron and most stainless steel alloys.

Birchwood System Restores Bright Metal Finish
Presto Bright Dip restores bright finish to brass, copper, bronze, nickel and silver.

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A.R. Machining Installs New Zinc Phosphate Line
The Texas company is a contract manufacturer specializing in precision machining work for the aerospace, oil, gas and semiconductor industries.

Birchwood Technologies’ BK-1 Mini Presto Black

Birchwood Blackening System Protects Small Quantities of Metal Parts
The BK-1 Mini Presto Black finishing line is designed to protect small quantities of iron and steel parts from corrosion while providing a black finish.

Birchwood Tru Temp black oxide

Birchwood Black Oxide Finish Prevents Rust, Resists Galling
The Tru Temp low-temperature black oxide process from Birchwood Technologies is well-suited for applications such as oil and gas drilling components.

In-House Blackening of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
Process satisfies customers’ shipping requirements while meeting stricter water regulations in times of drought.

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Back in Black: Birchwood Casey's black oxide
Black anodize finishes have long been favored for their thick, hard coating properties. It is also these very same characteristics that often make the anodizing unusable for many military and aerospace applications.

Cold blackening

Blackening of Ferrous Metals
The reasons for installing an in-house cold blackening system are many and varied.

Blackening process

Streamlining Assembly at Bimba Manufacturing
Process integrated into company-wide computerized maintenance program...

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