Technic Appoints Anodizing Equipment Market Manager

By: Scott Francis - Products Finishing

Technic has announced the appointment of Christian Ebbrecht as the new market manager for Technic’s Anodizing Equipment.

Understanding the Hidden Costs and Benefits of Anodizing

Anodizing has capital costs and benefits beyond the machines — companies evaluating in-house systems should examine them carefully before committing.

Technic Releases Boron-Free TechniBuffer IG pH Buffer

By: Evan Doran -

Technic Italgalvano has developed TechniBuffer IG, a boron-free pH buffer for nickel plating that the company says produces higher-quality results than boric-acid solutions.

Technibrite HT 1000 Eases Bright Acid Tin Plating Production

By: Evan Doran -

Technibrite HT 1000 from Technic Inc. offers a number of improvements to the bright acid tin-plating process in efficacy, final appearance and usability.

Manuel Tomasoni Joins Technic Italgalvano

By: Jenny Rush - Products Finishing

Finishing supplier Technic Italgalvano has hired Manual Tomasoni to be production assistant and network manager.

Tips for Optimizing or Expanding Your Anodizing Line

Jim Acquaviva, director of business development for Technic Equipment, offers advice for assessing areas of process improvement for anodizing operations, outlining helpful steps for an end-user self-assessment.

Technic Products Address Challenging Applications

By: Chandler Bonn -

Technic’s proprietary technologies include the Spouted Bed Electroplater, a barrel alternative for small components, as well as and the CDP-2000, for accurate controlled depth plating.

Technic's OptiFlex Enables High-Volume Production

Control system provides flexibility to meet broad range of production demands.

Technic's Italy Location Celebrates 40 Years

By: Scott Francis - Products Finishing

Technic Italgalvano provides metal finishing products and technical services to customers in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Cyanide-Free Silver Plating Process Meets Environmental Responsibility Standards

By: Scott Francis - Products Finishing

Technic’s new cyanide-free silver plating process addresses the global demand for an environmentally-safe, high-performance silver process.