Brush Research Manufacturing Co., Inc.

4642 Floral Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90022 US


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Brush Research Mfg. Flex-Hone honing tool

Flexible Honing Tool Can Finish, Deburr in Single Setup
Brush Research Mfg. Co. will display the Flex-Hone, a flexible honing tool that can finish and deburr simultaneously in a single setup.

Abrasive Disc Brushes Feature Ceramic, Silicon Carbide Filaments
Brush Research Manufacturing’s Nampower abrasive disc brushes contain a combination of ceramic and silicon carbide filaments designed for faster burr removal rates and improved surface finish.

Miniature Diamond Brushes
Brush Research Manufacturing introduces a new line of diamond filament twisted-in-wire brushes.

industrial abrasives

Choosing and Using Ball-Style Hones
Many applications require custom tools

Industrial Brush Product Catalog
Catalog includes details and specifications for all of the company's standard tools, including a full line of Industrial Brushes and the Flex-Hone Tool.

Product Categories of Brush Research Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Abrasives, non-woven nylon
Brushes, cleaning and polishing
Deburring Equipment
Polishing and Buffing Equipment, hand-held
Polishing Wheels