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The Byko-spectra lite from BYK-Gardner

Byko-Spectra Lite Tackles Colorimetry Challenges with Five Light Sources
BYK-Gardner introduces the new light booth, Byko-spectra lite, complementing the company’s light booth range with five light sources and a compact design.

Scrub System Tests Abrasion Resistance, Washability
BYK-Gardner USA’s Gardner-scrub is designed to test coated and uncoated surfaces for resistance to abrasion caused by a means such as brush, sponge, scouring pad and sand paper, as well as to examine the washability of coated surfaces for the removal of stains.

BYK-Gardner Portable Spectrophotometer Quantifies Fluorescent Light
Designed for multi-angle color measurement, the BYK-mac i spectrophotometer from BYK-Gardner objectively detects and quantifies fluorescent light excited in the visible range.

BYK-Gardner Software Enables Lab Analysis of Color, Effects
BYK-Gardner’s smart-lab software is designed to analyze color and effect data from its BYK-mac spectrometer in the laboratory, including six-angle color, sparkle and graininess.

BYK-Gardner Technical Posters Feature Color Specifications
BYK-Gardner offers two free technical posters related to finish color control. The Color Theory poster displays color measurement of solid colors and effect finishes, including tolerance graphs and equations, as well as special-effect images of sparkle and graininess.

BYK-Gardner Instruments, Software Create Digital Color Standards
BYK-Gardner’s BYK-mac spectrophotometers include data analysis software with a “smart-chart” feature that is designed to distribute digital master standards within the whole supplier chain.

BYK-Gardner Gets ACLASS Accreditation
BYK-Gardner’s testing and calibration laboratories have been accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by ACLASS, one of two brands of the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.

Recorder Monitors Oven Temperature
BYK-Gardner’s temp-gard temperature recorder system measures and saves object and air temperature during curing.

BYK-Gardner USA Adds Staff
BYK-Gardner has added nine staff members, including Rae Roby, regional sales manager for Michigan and Northern Ohio; Sam Cauchi, sales manager for all of Canada; and Sheila White, Customer Care Center manager for North America.

Instrument Measures Mottling of Effect Coatings
BYK-Gardner’s portable “cloud-runner” instrument measures mottling at the paint line by scanning the surface and measuring the lightness variation at different detection angles simultaneously.

Special Effect Color Characterization
BYK-Gardner has introduced a new instrument to objectively characterize the total color impression of effect coatings: the BYK-mac.

Color and Gloss Measuring Instrument
The spectro-guide gloss – S was developed to measure color (45/0 or sphere) and 60° gloss simultaneously.

Quality Control Solutions for Coating Product Catalog
The 2005-2006 catalogue showcases many new products and also contains the solution for many tasks in controlling the quality of paints and plastics.

Coating Test
The byko-test MPOR is specially designed for measuring very thin coatings.

Orange Peel and DOI Measuring Instrument
The micro-wave-scan allows the measuring of orange peel and DOI on small and curved parts.

BYK-Gardner USA
The company will exhibit the new instrument called the micro-wave-scan, which for the first time allows the measuring of orange peel and DOI on small and curved parts.

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