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A “Bizarre” Approach: Using Moisture to Cure CARC Coatings
When veteran inventors Mike Bunnell and Daryl Bruischat put their minds together to build a better mousetrap for the drying and curing of waterborne CARC paints, they both hoped to come up with a system that might change the industry somewhat.

vehicle is painted while the other is being masked

How to Maximize CARC Spraying Efficiency
Fleet Image uses a combination of finishing technologies

Spray Guns for Liquid Paint
Featuring air atomize, HVLP, Airless, Air Assisted Airless, electrostatic spray gun and more…


EMI Shielding with Turbine Power
EMI shielding can be a very expensive process. While using paints with metallic flakes is relatively inexpensive when compared to other shielding processes, the paints still cost about $200/gal. Therefore, Cybershield of Georgia, Inc. began using turbine-powered HVLP spray guns to dramatically reduce its costs and provide a better finish...

Testing Report on Turbine-Powered Spray Guns
United Defense FSE REPORTProject Engineer: Tom BraswellDate: 03 November 2000Objective: Beta testing of high-performance HVLP on York production line Background As a result of a technical literature search, the Can-Am HVLP (compressor-less) spray system was investigated as a possible solution to the cessation of the recycling thermal oxidizer on site at York.The system showed the most promise based on the supporting documentation in the form of research projects performed by the Hughes Aircraft Co. and the California South Coast Air Quality Management District.

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