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Thousand of Solutions For All Your Masking Needs  

Don't let masking be a last-minute consideration!

As the experts in precision masking solutions, we can offter the most comprehensive range of standard masking devices and in-house custom capabilities with the full Shercon masking line.  Our broad range of parts securely protects your product during any finishing process including painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating and e-coating. 

 Benefits of using Caplugs masking products:

- Low cost

- Wide array of products and materials

- 400 million parts in stock and ready to ship

- Sample all catalog parts for FREE

- Custom solutions

- Excellent customer service

- Solutions for high-temperature and low-temperature applications

- Kits with a variety of masking devices available

- Rapid prototyping

- In-house tool room

As a partner you can count on, Caplugs will listen to your challenges and provide the best solutions available.  We don't just sell parts - we're here to ensure your needs are met with the right part that protects you products, no matter how simple of complex the application may be.  Contact to request a free masking sample kit today! 





A Message from Caplugs

Company Profile

For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been the leader in product protection with innovative parts that solve industry-wide challenges.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Caplugs' CSPP-SH Series Plugs Withstand Anodizing and Ecoating
These plugs provide a tight fit for the clear hole below the angled area, promoting secure protection from foreign debris.

Caplugs CSP-SH Series Fits Close, Nominal Holes
Plugs protects holes from foreign object debris.

Caplugs CSPP Plugs Mask Angled Faces
Caplugs’ CSPP series plugs can be used for finishing processes.

VIDEO: On Display at FABTECH, Vol. 1
Here is a look at some of the products and services that will be on display at the FABTECH conference Nov. 11-14 in Chicago at McCormick Place:

Plugs Protect Fabricated Components for Shipping, Storage
Plugs designed to mask blind weld nuts as well as angled faces of countersunk holes.


Caplugs' CSPP Plugs Used in Finishing Processes
Caplugs’ CSPP series plugs can be used for finishing processes.

FABTECH 2018 On Display video

Video: Products on Display at FABTECH 2018
Here’s a small sampling of what visitors to FABTECH 2018 will see on display in the CCAI Finishing Pavilion, including products and services from Atotech, Caplugs, Chemetall, DeFelsko, Fischer Technology and Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg.

Caplugs Series SPP-SH plugs

Silicone Pull Plugs Mask Threaded, Non-Threaded Through Holes
Caplugs’ SPP-SH Series pull plugs are made from durable silicone, are reusable and can withstand temperatures as high as 600°F (315°C).

Caplugs CSP and CSPP plugs mask countersunk holes and the angled face of the countersink

Plugs Mask Countersunk Holes, Angled Countersink Faces
Caplugs’ CSP and CSPP series plugs are manufactured in the company’s UltraBake silicone material, enabling them to be used in high-temperature finishing processes.

Better Masking with Die Cuts
Caplug’s John Gill explains how die-cut masks can be better and faster than masking with a knife and tape.

Caplugs custom die-cuts

Custom Die-Cuts Can Reduce Masking Time, Failure
At Sur/Fin 2018, Caplugs will showcase custom die-cuts designed to reduce the time, labor and risk of mask failure associated with manual masking.

This year, Products Finishing looks back at the industry’s top new products and services for industrial surface finishing.

Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016
We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year.

Plating Rectifiers
Today’s rectifier operates on the same principles used for decades.

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