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PLAFORIZATION&#153 - The One-Step Pre-Treatment Solution that WORKS!

Plaforization is a truly one-step cleaning, phosphating and seal system, with no rinse stage.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Singing The Praise Of A Pretreatment Change
Manhasset Specialty Co. Upgrades Pretreatment Stage of Powder Coating Line


Single and Available
A look at one-step cleaner/pretreatment processes

A single track enters the system

Simplifying Pretreatment
Single-step process saves energy, time, disposal costs

USA Made Alternative to Ecophor
I am searching for a U.S.-produced product to take the place of Ecophor A447 product. Do you know of one or can you direct me to someone who may know of one?

low-pressure spray pretreatment system.

Total Automation Finds a Total Solution
When Jim Galvin, owner of Total Automation, Inc., decided to reinvest in his shop's cleaning and pretreatment process, he turned to an "all-in-one" cleaning and pretreatment process…

schematic of semi-automatic system

Keeping Pretreatment Simple
When Johnston Metalwork decided to add pretreatment to its shop, it didn't want anything complicated, meaning no wastewater treatment or lots of chemicals to deal with...

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