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CHEMCO SPUN WOVEN COLLECTORS FEATURE VARIATION IN FILTERING DENSITY Unique spun woven design of Chemco paint overspray collectors allows variation in filtering density to trap large amounts of paint particles throughout the media without excessive face loading which can inhibit air flow. Open weave at the front of all Chemco pads permits particulate laden air to penetrate into the pad to reduce face loading. A progressively denser weave on the inside traps the particulate and a scientifically selected backing prevents the escape of virtually all-remaining particles. Removal of up to 99.9% of all paint particulates is achieved without dropping vital airflow below federally prescribed limits. With Chemco’s spun woven media, density can also be varied to effectively trap specific types of overspray –from high solids to baked and air dried enamels, lacquers, sealers and excessively wet materials. For more information contact: Chemco Manufacturing Phone: 1-800-323-0431 Fax: 1-800-336-7706 Internet: e-mail:

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