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About Chemetall US, Inc.

We are the Surface Treatment global business unit of the Coatings division of BASF, operating under the Chemetall brand, a leading supplier of applied surface treatments and services for metal, plastic, and glass substrates in a vast range of industries and end markets. 


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Dialing in Chemistries for a New Washer System

Excel Industries’ new 10-stage washer features several innovative solutions from Chemetall, including a neutral pH descaler to eliminate flash rusting.

Dürr and Chemetall Partner for VOC-free Cleaners

Dürr and Chemetall are furthering their VOC-free cleaning partnership with Gardostrip P, powered by the companies’ EcoFlush Zero technology.

Chemetall’s Gardobond Helps Jems Coating Improve Quality, Reduce Costs

Jems Coating provides ecoat finishes for customer-supplied metallic components used in automotive, electrical, construction, recreational and general commercial industries.

Chemetall Surface Treatments Improve Process Performance

Chemetall/BASF offers applications for metalworking, cleaning and pretreatment.

Chemetall US, Inc.

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