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Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq Create Fluke Process Instruments
All three companies have been part of the Fluke Corp. portfolio for some time.

Datapaq Inc., TP3 Temperature Profiling System

Datapaq’s TP3 Temperature Profiling System Surveys Heat Treatment Applications
This series comprises 20 and 10-channel loggers that store up to 3.6 million data points.

In-Process Systems Provide Thermal Profiling
Datapaq offers standard as well as customized systems designed to provide reliable and accurate in-process oven temperature profiling for the finishing, paint and powder coating industries.

System Enables Fast Oven Temperature Tracking
The XL2 Oven Tracker system from Datapaq is designed for fast and easy oven temperature profiling.

Sophisticated temperature

What Temperature Profiling System is Right for Me?
Today, profiling systems that are both sophisticated and easy to use can give a clear pass/fail finding, document regulatory compliance, let operators know when and where their ovens are trending out of acceptable limits or show that a process is within suppliers’ or customers’ specifications.

Radio Telemetry System for Oven Temp Profiling
Datapaq's RF Radio Telemetry system TM21 is uses the latest radio frequency technology to allow temperature data transmission from the datalogger in real time.

Datapaq Inc.
Now available with 4- or 6-channel loggers, the EasyTrack2 profiling system is for use by custom coaters for verification of cure specifications, guarantee of product quality, and reduction of energy costs.

Small, Magnetic Thermocouples
Small but powerful, the MicroMag magnetic thermocouples give accurate product temperature readings from the tightest of recesses.

Temperature Profiling System
The Oven Tracker XL is a temperature profiling system that provides the necessary data that helps you ensure product quality, reduce rejects, and increase productivity.

Easy Track Temperature Profiling System
The   Easy Track Temperature Profiling System is designed to help reduce energy costs by optimizing the   process.

Datapaq's new Insight Software Version 3.0 is said to be an easy and powerful profiling software.

Bake Chart for Cured Coatings
BakeChart is said to accurately verify coating cure within specification compared to the paint supplier’s bake window.

Data Analysis Software
This literature features the PocketpaqTM software that offers portable profiling using a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) to perform a full-temperature analysis of an oven process.

Paqfile Viewer
The Datapaq Paqfile Viewer is a free software download that lets you view Datapaq temperature profiles (known as Paqfiles) produced by the Tracker or Insight software packages.

Oven Tracker System
Brochure features the oven tracker temperature profiling system, which collects and analyzes temperature information needed to monitor and improve your PVD process.

Profiling System
The EasyTrack System is designed to make temperature profiling easy for the powder coating and finishing industry.

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