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DeFelsko, a leading U.S. manufacturer of inspection instruments, offers a variety of instruments to meet the coating industry’s needs.

The PosiTector 6000 coating thickness gage features built-in memory, onscreen statistics, PosiSoft USB Drive and Fast mode. Advanced models also include color LCD, onscreen graphing, WiFi, Bluetooth and cloud connectivity.

The PosiTector DPM Dew Point Meter measures and records climatic conditions including: relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature and the difference between surface and dew point temperatures. All models include memory, Auto Log, statistics, USB port and Smart Trend TM indicators.

The PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gage measures and records peak to valley surface profile height in accordance with ASTM D4417-B. All models include a durable tungsten carbide probe tip for long life and continuous accuracy.

The PosiTector body accepts all PosiTector 6000, 200, SPG, DPM and UTG probes easily converting from a coating thickness gage to a surface profile gage, dew point meter or wall thickness gage.

DeFelsko also offers quality inspection instruments including the PosiTest Adhesion Tester and the PosiTector200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gage for measuring polyurea and other protective coatings on concrete.

Address: 802 Proctor Ave., Ogdensburg, NY 13669. Phone: +1 315/393-4450. Fax: +1 315/393-8471. E-mail: Web: 

A Message from DeFelsko Corp.

DeFelsko Corporation - The Measure of Quality

The rugged PosiTector 6000 coating thickness gage is now smarter, faster and more powerful than ever before.

DeFelsko Corporation - The Measure of Quality

The fifth generation PosiTector® 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gage is ideal for measuring the thickness of coatings on wood, concrete, plastic and other non-metal substrates.

DeFelsko Corporation - The Measure of Quality

The American-made PosiTest is ideal for measuring thickness of zinc, cadmium, chrome and other non-magnetic platings on steel.

As Seen In Products Finishing

DeFelsko PosiTest Offers Fast Measurements
DFT coating thickness gauge uses noncontact ultrasound technology to predict a cured thickness to help ensure adequate coverage and reduce waste. 

David Beamish, President of DeFelsko, Passes
Beamish led company through significant growth, and served as a leader in the inspection equipment industry.

VIDEO: On Display at FABTECH, Vol. 1
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DeFelsko Device Predicts Cured Thickness
Powder checker uses non-contact ultrasound technology to predict a cured thickness to help ensure adequate coverage and reduce waste. 

FABTECH 2018 On Display video

Video: Products on Display at FABTECH 2018
Here’s a small sampling of what visitors to FABTECH 2018 will see on display in the CCAI Finishing Pavilion, including products and services from Atotech, Caplugs, Chemetall, DeFelsko, Fischer Technology and Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg.

Defelsko PosiTector RTR 3D for 3D surface imaging

Device Designed for Cost-Effective 3D Surface Imaging
DeFelsko Corp.’s PosiTector RTR 3D is designed to capture high-resolution 3D surface imagery and common 2D/3D parameters more cost-effectively than comparable technologies.

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DeFelsko to Host SSPC Training This Fall.
Courses include the Protective Coatings Inspector Program and a workshop on using SSPC PA2 effectively.

PosiTector SmartLink Is A Smart New Way to Measure
PosiTector SmartLink and a free mobile app turns a cell phone or tablet into a virtual PosiTector gage

DeFelsko's PosiTector Wins Innovative Product of the Year
PosiTector body accepts all interchangeable probes including coating thickness, environmental, surface profile and ultrasonic wall thickness probes

DeFelsko Launches Cloud-Based Thickness Gages and Inspection Instruments
New wireless features enable users to synchronize readings with its cloud-based website, download updates with the latest features and functionality, and wirelessly communicate any wireless-connected device.

DeFelsko founder Frank Koch succumbs
Inspection instrument pioneer was 77

Coating Thickness Measurement

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