Munters Corporation

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Munters Zeol Rotor concentrator system

Concentrator Systems Designed to Abate VOCs
Munters’ Zeol Rotor concentrator systems are designed for abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Munters Corp., Zeolite Rotor Cassettes

Munters Corp.’s Zeolite Rotor Cassettes Absorb VOCs
These zeolite rotors are corrosion-resistant and lightweight.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Munters HCE series desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently dehumidify to low moisture levels.

Indirect Gas-Fired Heaters
The Vari-Max IFRG line of precision high-efficiency indirect gas fired heaters from Des Champs Technologies is designed to be 90%+ efficient and capable of a 1,000°F temperature rise with a 1,200°F discharge temperature.

Product Categories of Munters Corporation

Air Make-Up Systems
Heat Exchangers
Pollution Control Equipment
Regenerative Heat-Recovery Equipment