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200 Seward Ave.
Utica , NY 13502 US


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Divine Brothers, Inc., Utica, New York, was founded in 1892 by Bradford H.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Divine Brothers Installs Tenter Frame to Mill-Treat Cloth

Divine Brothers Installs Tenter Frame to Mill-Treat Cloth
Longstanding finishing supply company Divine Brothers installed its own tenter frame to mill-treat its own cloth.

Divine Brothers Satinmaster flap brushes

Flexible Flap Brushes Boost Part’s True Surface Area
Satinmaster flap brushes from Divine Brothers can be mounted with any 5/8 × 11 shaft and are designed to easily conform to parts of various shapes.

Product Categories of Divine Brothers Co.

Abrasive Belts, Discs
Abrasive Grain
Abrasives, Non-Woven Nylon
Brush Plating Equipment, Solutions & Supplies
Brushes, Cleaning & Polishing
Buffing Compounds
Buffing-Compound Applicators
Burnishing Compounds
Contact Wheels, Abrasive Belt
Felt Wheels & Bobs
Lapping Supplies
Lubricants, Polishing
Mass-Finishing Compounds
Mass-Finishing Supplies
Polishing & Buffing Equipment, Automatic
Polishing & Buffing Equipment, Hand-Held
Polishing Machinery, Abrasive Belt
Polishing Wheel Cement, Glue
Polishing Wheels
Rubbing Compounds
Sanders, Hand-Held
Spindle Finishing Equipment
Stripping Solutions, Metal
Stripping Tools, Paint