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Lithojet 250 Formulated for Chemical Resistance
Dow Electronic Materials, a division of Dow Chemical Co., introduces the Lithojet 250 digital masking ink formulated for jetting stability and chemical resistance.

Dow Chemical’s Electrolytic Copper Reduces Deposit Stress
This copper product is designed to save on metal, ampere hours and additive, but reach minimum thickness targets quicker.

Voraforce Technology Offers Sustainability Benefits
Voraforce is an alternative to traditional materials like aluminum, polyester or epoxy.

Dow Surfactant Wetting Agent Boosts Processing Speeds
The Triton HW-1000 surfactant wetting agent from Dow Chemical Co. is formulated to meet low- and no-VOC regulatory requirements while also addressing industry requirements for faster processing.

Dow Surfactant Improves Wetting, Leveling
Triton HW-1000 from Dow Chemical Co. is a non-alkylphenolethoxylate-based surfactant formulated for high-performance wetting and leveling and offering low-foaming and de-foaming capabilities.

Drawn to Closed-Loop Cleaning
For Gem Manufacturing of Waterbury, Conn., meeting customer quality standards is critical to the success of the business. Part of that means removing the synthetic and water-soluble drawing lubricants used in Gem’s transfer and progressive presses, as well as any other contaminants that could have a detrimental impact on performance.

Meeting the Critical Cleaning Challenge
Today’s parts cleaning industry faces numerous challenges that can make the selection of an effective critical cleaning system difficult

Additive Keeps Polycarbonate from Scratching
Dow Chemical Co. plans to introduce an anti-scratch additive for compounding with polycarbonate to compete with ultraviolet-light-cured polycarbonate hard coatings.

"A Step Beyond Clean" show is Oct. 18-20 in CT.
Dow SAFECHEM, Hubbard-Hall and Pero team together for demonstrations on next generation, emission-less cleaning machines

Closing the Cleaning Loop
To help optimize its solvent vapor degreasing process while minimizing solvent exposure in the workplace and the environment, Miba Bearings US uses Dowper SVG double-stabilized perchloroethylene in the Safecare system from Safechem North America LLC, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co.

Leasing Option for Metal Degreasing Technology
Safechem, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co. has introduced its Complease Complete Process Leasing Solution, a program through which customers can lease sealed solvent degreasing equipment combined with customized chemical services for a fixed monthly fee.

Product Categories of Dow Chemical Company

Coatings, in mold
Coatings, waterborne
Resins, ion exchange
Resins, paint and powder coating