Dynamix Inc.

91 Esna Park Dr. Unit 7
Markham, ON L3R 2S2 CA


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Dynamix Laboratory Services Maximized Plating Chemistry
Dynamix offers laboratory services for metal finishing.

Dynamix Marketing Manager Michael Black

Dynamix Appoints Marketing Manager
The company, based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, designs and manufactures specialty chemicals for the metal plating and general metal finishing industries.

Dynamix is a specialty chemical manufacturer supplying a full range of chemicals for metal finishing from anodizing to zinc plating.

Dynamix Offers Full Range of Plating Chemicals
Dynamix is a specialty chemical manufacturer supplying a full range of chemicals for metal finishing from anodizing to zinc plating, including a complete product line for functional chrome plating.

product line for functional chrome plating

Range of Chemicals for Metal Finishing, Functional Chrome Plating
The company manufactures products blended with hexavalent chromium for functional and decorative chrome processes.

Fume Suppressants Reduce Chrome Misting
Dynamix – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 242

PFOS-Free Fume Suppressants for Plating
Dynamix fume suppressants for decorative and hard chrome plating applications are designed to meeting global regulations prohibiting the manufacture, use, sale and import of perfluoroctane sulfonate (PFOS) and its salts.

Dynastrip RT

Environmentally Friendly Paint and Powder Stripper
Dynamix’s Dynastrip RT is an environmentally paint and powder coating stripper that will safely, effectively and quickly remove difficult to strip paint from ferrous and non-ferrous substrates at ambient temperature.

Product Categories of Dynamix Inc.

Acid Salts
Aluminum Etchants and Deoxidizers
Anode Bags
Anode Bars, Baskets, Hooks
Anodes, carbon
Anodes, copper
Anodes, lead
Anodes, nickel
Anodes, tin
Anodes, tin-lead
Anodes, zinc
Anodizing Processes, aluminum
Anti-Mist Chemical Additives
Blackening Processes, solutions
Bright Dips
Carbon, activated
Chemical Coatings
Chemical-Polishing Processes
Chromate Conversion Coatings
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Coatings, waterborne
Descaling Chemicals
Electropolishing Solutions
EMI/RFI Shielding Finishes
Foam-Control Chemical Additives
Inhibitors, acid pickling
Lacquer, water-displacing
Masks, plating
Mechanical Plating Supplies
Nickel Activators
Paint Strippers, chemical
Phosphate Coating Chemicals
Pickling Solutions
Plating Activators, all metals
Plating Processes for Aluminum
Plating Processes for Magnesium
Plating Processes for Plastics
Plating Processes, alloy: chromium substitute
Plating Processes, brass or bronze
Plating Processes, cadmium
Plating Processes, chromium
Plating Processes, chromium, colored
Plating Processes, chromium, trivalent
Plating Processes, cobalt, cobalt alloy
Plating Processes, copper
Plating Processes, copper, electroless
Plating Processes, lead
Plating Processes, nickel
Plating Processes, nickel sulfamate
Plating Processes, nickel, electroless
Plating Processes, nickel, satin finish
Plating Processes, nickel-iron
Plating Processes, silver
Plating Processes, tin
Plating Processes, tin, electroless
Plating Processes, tin-lead
Plating Processes, tin-nickel
Plating Processes, tin-zinc
Plating Processes, zinc
Plating Processes, zinc-cobalt
Plating Processes, zinc-iron
Plating Processes, zinc-nickel
Pollution Control Chemicals, chromium reduction
Rinse Aids
Rust Removers
Rust-Preventive Chemicals and Oils
Smut Removers, aluminum
Stop-Off Coatings, Waxes
Stripping Solutions, metal
Tape, masking for plating and painting
Tarnish-Preventive Treatments