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MiniTest 700 Series with SIDSP® digital sensor technology The MiniTest 700 Series features SIDSP® developed by ElektroPhysik exclusively for ElektroPhysik. With SIDSP® digital sensor technology, you?ll appreciate the remarkable performance in accuracy and repeatability. With SIDSP® the entire reading is processed at the point of measurement in t he probe. Unlike traditional approaches of processing an analog signal generated by the probe and sending that signal to the gauge for processing, SIDSP® digital sensors only transmit a completely processed coating thickness value. This way there is no chance of the signal being affect by electro-magnetic fields which could in turn affect the accuracy of the value displayed with analog signal processing. Call ElektroPhysik today and find out more about SIDSP® and why your next gauge should have SIDSP®

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ElektroPhysik is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments used for advancing surface technology, research and quality control.

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Coating Thickness Measurement

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