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Company Profile

Gruppo De Nora di Niccolò, Michele e Federico De Nora is the ultimate holding company of Gruppo De Nora.

Anodes for Metal Finishing

De Nora is leader worldwide in the development, manufacturing and distribution of products and services for the electrochemical industry.

As Seen In Products Finishing

De Nora’s Flex-n-Place Mesh Forms Around Complex Geometries
The product is engineered for applications that require on-site custom fabrication, quick turnaround and high-performing auxiliary anodes.

De Nora Acquires OEI
De Nora says the acquisition represents a significant development for the company.

De NOra Flex-n-Place

Iridium Oxide Mesh Increases Anode Cycle Life
De Nora’s Flex-n-Place iridium-oxide-coated mesh provides high plated product quality, on-site custom auxiliary anode fabrication, increased anode cycle life and a reduction in product cost when compared to platinum-niobium or platinum-titanium mesh.

De Nora Group Launches New Website
A major emphasis of is its dynamic, mobile-compatible graphic element.

De Nora Launches New Website and Corporate Image
Site was created with the intention of bringing together all the companies of the group under a single identity

De Nora at Copper 2013

De Nora Solution for Copper Electrowinning Sees Success at the 8th International Copper Conference and Exhibition
The two technical papers presented by Carl Brown, technical assistance DNOx manager, on the latest development of an innovative commercial solution based on De Nora DSA anode registered high attendance.

De Nora and ThyssenKrupp Partner to Boost Chlorine Electrolysis Business
De Nora, in line with its strategic plan to focus on the electrode business and develop new technologies, has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with ThyssenKrupp Uhde, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, the plant engineering and construction specialist.

De Nora Forms Unit to Produce Eco-Friendly Electro-Chemical Systems
Industrie De Nora Group has established a new business unit, De Nora Next, to produce eco-friendly disinfecting and cleaning solutions for mid-size applications.

Industrie De Nora Group Presents New Business Unit
Industrie De Nora Group,a provider of electrochemical technologies, presents the new business unit De Nora Next.

Anodes for Trivalent Chromium Plating
De Nora will highlight its GreenChrome anodes, which the company says were specially developed for environmentally responsible trivalent chromium plating systems.

Auxiliary Anodes
De Nora DSA Auxiliary anodes are designed for decorative chrome plating on metal or plastic and nickel/chrome plating thickness.

Industrie De Nora
The De Nora group companies provide a range of plating anodes for electronics (acid copper plating in circuit boards), trivalent chrome system anodes, platinum anodes and auxiliary anodes for chrome plated parts with deep recessed areas.

Hard Chromium Plating Anodes
ChromOxTM hard chromium anodes improve cathodic product quality, increase energy savings and provide excellent chloride resistance when compared to lead, lead-alloy and other anodes according to the manufacturer.

Product Categories of De Nora Tech

Anodes, insoluble: ceramic and metal oxide
Anodes, platinum-and/or palladium-clad
Anodes, titanium
Plating Processes, platinum
Pollution Control Equipment, electrolytic recovery