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Bud with 48inch Air Machine

Endura Corp.

Endura Corporation manufactures custom small part tension racks and the patented, "FasTrack" racking and un-racking machines for the parts finishing industry. Endura racks are produced on computer controlled equipment and available in stainless and spring steel. E-coaters, painters, vacuum metalizers and platers have found Endura racks affordable, maximize part density, and provide excellent grip and ground to each part. Using FasTrack equipment, the number of employees required to manually rack and un-rack parts can be dramatically reduced. When un-racking, the FasTrack compresses tension fingers allowing parts to be removed without internal scratch marks, improving the quality of the finished part. Eliminating the need to manually squeeze rack tension fingers, the FasTrack eliminates carpal tunnel syndrome cases caused by manual racking and un-racking parts. Reduced labor costs, improved part quality, and elimination of carpal tunnel syndrome cases make the FasTrack one of the most important investments you can make for your parts finishing company.

Product Categories of Endura Corp.

Racking/Unracking Machines
Racks, Plating, Painting & Anodizing