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As Seen In Products Finishing

EPi Metalworking Products Help Parts Stay Stronger, Longer
EPi sealing and finish products inhibit corrosion and prevent rust/oxidation.

screen shot of phone app

EPi Launches New Mobile App
Finishing Utility allows users to measure and analyze the appearance and characteristics of a specific electroplating solution.

EPI E-Brite 5.0 CU alkaline non-cyanide copper process

Non-Cyanide Copper Process Plates Directly onto Zinc Die Cast
At Sur/Fin 2018, EPI will highlight its E-Brite 5.0 CU alkaline non-cyanide copper process for barrel plating directly onto zinc die cast, as well as a number of other offerings.

EPi’s Non-Cyanide Solution Produces Ductile Copper Deposits
This solution is free of chelating agents and is formulated to produce a fine-grained, nonporous ductile copper deposit.

EPI's E-Kleen SR-AE Brightens Steel Parts
The E-Kleen SR-AE is designed to remove carbon smut.

EPI's E-Brite 50/50 Simplifies Silver Plating
This process has great bonding properties that allow for better adhesion.

Non PFOS Mist Suppressants from Electrochemical Products Inc.
E-Mist 7 and E-Mist 9 are designed to remain stable when added to strong oxidizing solutions.

E-Kleen SR cleaner

Cleaner Removes Weld Scale, Carbon Smut, Metalworking Fluids
EPi’s E-Kleen SR cleaning technology removes weld scale, carbon smut and difficult-to-clean metalworking fluids.

Change In Chemicals Saves Saporito Finishing Almost $40,000
EPi's new electrocleaning technology, E-Kleen SR 1020 results in better cleaning on heat-treat scale parts

EPi Cleaners Produce Cleaner, Brighter Metal Parts
The E-Kleen SR family of cleaners from EPi includes soak, acid and electro cleaners formulated to remove carbon smut and metalworking fluids from a variety of metal surfaces, resulting in cleaner, brighter parts and improved adhesion.

EPi Short-Run Production Kit Blackens Parts Quickly
EPi offers a short-run production kit featuring its Kool-Blak 225 mid-temperature black oxide for in-house blackening.

EPi Mobile App Tailored for Electroplaters
Digital Cell is a mobile application developed by EPi with features tailored specifically for electroplaters.

EPi Yellow-Red Passivate Offers High Corrosion Resistance
EPi’s E-PASSivate Yellow-Red is a single-dip yellow passivation for zinc-plated substrates formulated to offer salt spray resistance of as many as 200-250 hrs to white rust without an additional top coat.

Life Imitates Art At EPi's SUR/FIN Booth
Model from EPi's Products Finishing ads greets visitors, snaps photos at NASF annual trade show

Metal Cleaner
EPi will display E-Kleen SR, a cleaning process designed to remove carbon smut and difficult-to-clean metal working fluids to produce clean metal with a brighter finish and improved adhesion.

EPi Kool-Blak

EPi Mid-Temp Black Oxide Enables In-House Blackening
EPi’s Kool-Black is a mid-temperature black oxide process designed for OEM manufacturers who want to blacken parts in-house.

EPi Non-Cyanide Copper, Silver Plating
EPi Electrochemical Products Inc. will showcase its alkaline non-cyanide copper and silver plating products, including the new E-PASSivate trivalent passivate, mid-temperature black oxide 225F, and E-Kleen SR, which is designed to remove smutty carbon on steels and difficult-to-clean metalworking fluids.

Non-Cyanide Copper and Silver Processes
EPi will display its alkaline non cyanide copper and silver processes and trivalent chromates.

Copper and Silver Plating Processes
EPi will feature its E-Brite Ultra copper and 50/50 silver alkaline plating processes.

Time to 5% white rust

Golden Alternative
Trivalent yellows deliver process benefits, design flexibility

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Chrome-Free Final Rinses (for paint pretreatment)
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Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
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Inhibitors, acid pickling
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