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A Message from EPSI

Company Profile

EPSI is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom masking solutions.

Industry Leading Masking Solutions!

Whether you are powder coating, e-coating, plating, painting or anodizing, EPSI has the masking solution for your application.

As Seen In Products Finishing

EPSI Appoints Account Manager for Northern California
Minh Truong will be responsible for sales and technical support of the company’s custom and standard masking solutions in the region.

EPSI Darrell Hamilton

EPSI Names East Coast Account Manager
Darrell Hamilton will be responsible for sales and technical support in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

EPSI Hang-Tite Plugs

Mask Serves as Both Plug, Hanging Tab
EPSI’s Hang-Tite Plug (HTP) serves as both a plug and hanging tab, allowing convenient coating of hanging threaded parts.

EPSI multi balloon masks

Balloon Masks Cover Difficult, Large Geometries
EPSI offers multiple balloon masks that enable operators to mask especially difficult or unusually large geometry.

EPSI Michelle Perri West Coast sales rep

EPSI Adds to Sales Force
EPSI has added Matt Wenz and Michelle Perri to its sales force.

EPSI regional account manager for Nebraska/Iowa, Chad Corbett

EPSI Adds Sales Rep for Nebraska, Iowa
EPSI has appointed Chad Corbett as regional account manager for Nebraska and Iowa.

Masking tools for liquid and powder coating

How to Mask Common Part Features for Liquid and Powder Coating
Q. Could give us some tips on making sure we are using the proper masking tools for our parts. Masking expert Andrew Oniszczuk from EPSi answers this reader’s question.

EPSI Liqui-Tite Plug

Liqui-Tite Plug Seals Out Liquids
EPSI presents the EPSI Liqui-Tite Plug for sealing out liquids in plating, anodizing and ecoat applications.

EPSI’s Dual-Flanged Plugs Designed for Quick Installation
These plugs are engineered with DJ NE-G high-grade, high-temp silicone for harsh applications.

EPSI's 3D Printing Increases Efficiency
This program should enable EPSI to deliver a prototype made from digital material for form and fit testing in as little as 1–2 days.

EPSI, 3D Printing

EPSI’s 3D Printing Increases Efficiency
This program should enable EPSI to deliver a prototype made from digital material for form and fit testing in as little as 1–2 days.

Countersink Pull Plugs Suit Various Hole Sizes
The high-grade silicone material withstands repeated use at high temperatures.

FLex-Tite countersink pull plug

Countersink Pull Plugs Suit Various Hole Sizes
EPSI’s Flex-Tite countersink pull plug (CPP) is designed to eliminate the hassle of stocking multiple plugs for varying countersink holes during plating, anodizing and electrocoating operations.

EPSI Liqui-Tite

Plug’s Spiral Threads Match Holes for Masking
In response to input saying that regular silicone plugs do not seal out liquids well enough for plating, anodizing and e-coating, EPSI offers its Liqui-Tite plug with spiral threads to match holes that are being masked.

Plotter Cutter Provides Customizable Masking
EPSI – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 120

Tabs Ease Masking Disc Placment
AW12 green polyester masking discs from EPSI are made from a polyester film that has been coated with a single layer of a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.

EPSI Adds to U.S. Sales Team
The masking provider has added three new members to its sales force.

EPSI Adds to Sales Team
EPSI has added Greg Gormley and Zak Buth to its sales team, with responsibility for the company’s business in the Northwest and Midwest United States, respectively.

Triple-Push Plug for Threaded Holes
EPSI will highlight its new TPP triple-push plugs, which are begin tested in the marketplace as an alternative to its FLPS flangeless plugs and BTM blind-hole thread mask plugs.

EPSI Plotter Creates Custom Masking Die Cuts
EPSI Masking uses a plotter and plotter software to create custom surface-protecting die cuts, without the cost of hard, rotary die tooling.

Product Categories of EPSI

Magnetic Paint Racks
Masking Caps, Discs, Plugs
Masking Devices, spray painting
Masking, customized
Masks, plating
Masks, solder dip
Paint, touch-up
Racks, plating, painting and anodizing
Tape, masking for plating and painting