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Company Profile

Fischer Technology, a U.S. manufacturer of coating thickness, material testing, nanoindentation and material analysis instrumentation, offers a complete range of hand held coating thickness gauges ideally suited for the measurement of paint, powder coating, plating and anodize.

Coating Measurement in Hard to Reach Places

Cavity Probe for Coating Thickness Measurement in Car BodiesModern corrosion protection of car bodies is usually made by cathodic dip priming (CDP). But up to now it was more or less impossible to measure such thin coatings non-destructively inside hardly accessible cavities like girders, stiffeners or cross beams.

As Seen In Products Finishing

measurement system

Fischer Quality Control Systems Designed for Customization
Fischer Technology offers optimization for manufacturing automation.

measuring pen and smart phone

Mobile Device Measures Coating Thickness on Variety of Metals
The Phascope Paint has large measuring range up to 98 mils, and is well-suited for very thick coatings.

FABTECH 2018 On Display video

Video: Products on Display at FABTECH 2018
Here’s a small sampling of what visitors to FABTECH 2018 will see on display in the CCAI Finishing Pavilion, including products and services from Atotech, Caplugs, Chemetall, DeFelsko, Fischer Technology and Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg.

Fischerscope Xan 500 XRF instrument

XRF Device Optimized for Coating Thickness Measurement, Alloy Analysis
Fischer Technology’s lightweight Fischerscope Xan 500 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument can be used as a handheld device or a fully enclosed desktop unit, or integrated directly into production lines.

Measuring Dry Film Thicknesses on Aluminum
Fischer Technology’s Jay Kunick says two important factors that influence measurement accuracy are electrical conductivity and part curvature.

Fischer Technology Craig Kuchta

Fischer Technology Names Tech Advisor for New Chicago Office
Fischer Technology has opened a sales and service facility in Chicago and named Craig Kuchta as the technical advisor for this office.

Fischer XAN500 XRF

XRF Suited for Material Analysis, Coating Thickness Measurement
Fischer Technology will demonstrate its XAN500 X-ray fluorescence instrument for coating thickness measurement and alloy analysis at Sur/Fin 2018, well-suited for quality, incoming inspection and process control of electroplated, multilayer and alloy coatings.

How to Test Coatings with Nanoindentation
Fischer Technology’s Rahul Nair explains the benefits of using nanoindentation to measure a coating’s mechanical properties.

powder coating part

Video: Fabtech Products on Display at CCAI Finishing Pavilion
Check out the products that Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Fischer Technology, Nordson Industrial Coating Systems, Global Finishing Solutions and Fostoria Process Equipment.

Reading a Type II Dry Film Thickness Gage
Q: What should I look for when comparing gages? Testing and measurement expert Rob Weber from Fischer Technology provides this answer.

Fischer Technology Fischerscope X-ray XAN 500 X-ray fluorescence instrument

X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument Measures Large Parts, Complex Geometries
Well-suited for use in quality assurance, incoming inspection and process control, Fischer Technology’s Fischerscope X-ray XAN 500 is a mobile and energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence instrument designed for nondestructive coating thickness measurement and material analysis.

The energy dispersive, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measuring instrument is suited for the analysis of thin coatings less than 0.1 μm (0.004 mils) in the electronics and semiconductor industries.

XRF Measuring Instrument Analyzes Thin Coatings, Multi-Coating Systems
The new Fischerscope XDAL-SDD from Fischer Technology determines thin coatings, trace elements and alloys.

Fischer FMP Series

Coating Thickness Gages Provide Repeatable Profile Measurements
The Fischer FMP series of coating thickness gages provides quick and repeatable profile measurements using the Surface Profile Probe.

Fischer Technology’s Fischerscope Measures Thin Coatings
The company says this instrument is well-suited for non-destructive measurements and analyzing thin coatings, even with complex compositions or small concentrations.

Fischer Technology Opens Sales Office in Livonia, Michigan
Jeff Stoner has been appointed as the field sales engineer for Michigan.

Fischer Technology, X-Ray Flourescence Instrument

Fischer’s X-Ray Flourescence Instrument Analyzes Coating Systems
This instrument enables analysis of solid and liquid specimens as well as coating systems without calibration.

Fischer Technology Inc., X-ray fluorescence instrument

Fischer Technology Inc.’s X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument Measures Coating Thickness
The instrument is often used for measurements on large coated parts.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurement system

Measurement System Eases In-production Plating Bath Analysis
The unit provides time savings compared to other analytical methods.

Fischer Expands Manufacturing Capacity In Germany
See The Video! The 85,000 sq ft building was built with 4,800 tons of recycled stone from the previous buildings on the site.

Fischer Technology Fischerscope MMS PC2

Universal Measurement System Features Modular Design
The Fischerscope MMS PC2 from Fischer Technology combines commonly used non-destructive test methods in one measuring system.

Product Categories of Fischer Technology, Inc.

Analytical Equipment, X-ray fluorescence
Painting Testing Equipment
Panels, paint and plating testing
Plating Testing Equipment
Powder Coating Testing Equipment
Surface Roughness Measuring Devices
Test Cells, plating solution
Testing Equipment, high-voltage electrostatic
Testing Equipment, paint film flexibility
Testing Equipment, surface cleanliness
Testing Equipment, surface tension
Testing Equipment, thickness of coating