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Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc. (GARDCO)

The Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc. (GARDCO) has its origin with the alliance of pioneer paint chemist Dr. Henry Alfred Gardner, Sr., Director of the Institute of Paint and Varnish Research in Washington, D.C. and his son Paul Norris Gardner Sr. in 1935. The team of Institute chemists at that time were active in the development and design of physical testing instruments for coating materials which were then made available to the industry. However, production of these instruments was not generally available to the public so the Henry A. Gardner Laboratory was established and incorporated in Bethesda, Maryland for that purpose. Significant developments in areas of appearance were made in further years with research into gloss and color technology by the contributions of such men as Richard S. Hunter who joined the Lab from the then NBS. Throughout the period,  Paul eventually rose to the position of President after the retirement of his father and later Board Chairman of the Lab until 1962 when his decision to retire was made. Maintaining contact with the industry, Paul formed The Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc., in Maryland. As a man of foresight the small company was relocated a short time later to the state of Florida where it now flourishes in Pompano Beach reaching both domestic and world markets. Since the passing of Paul N. Gardner, Sr. in 1995, Paul N. Gardner, Jr. has assumed the Presidency of GARDCO.


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Company Profile

We are distributors, producers and designers of quality physical testing and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings and related industries.

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Gardco Feedback Data Loggers Provide Accurate, Reliable Readings
Give temperature and relative humidity measurement.

Current Monitor Offers Quality Control for Longer Periods
Current Monitor Offers Quality Control for Longer Periods

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Phascope Paint Offers Non-destructive Coating Thickness Measurements
Users can also utilize the Phascope Paint app for viewing, analyzing and reporting data on a smart phone or tablet. 

Paul N. Gardner Spectro2guide spectrophotometer

Portable Spectrophotometer Adds Fluorimeter Capability
Paul N. Gardner’s Spectro2guide spectrophotometer is designed to simultaneously measure color and 60-degree gloss, just like its predecessor, but it also can quantify fluorescence by measuring like a fluorimeter with monochrome illuminations.

Paul N. Gardner PosiTector BHI Barcol Hardness Impressor

Tester Measures Hardness of Soft Metals, Harder Plastics
The PosiTector BHI Barcol Hardness Impressor from Paul N. Gardner is designed to measure the hardness of soft metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, and brass, as well as other materials such as harder plastics and fiber-reinforced plastic.

Paul N. Gardner Co. PosiTector IRT infrared thermometer

Infrared Thermometer Provides Non-Contact Surface Measurement
The PosiTector IRT infrared thermometer from Paul N. Gardner Co. has a button-activated laser pointer for accurate targeting and two powerful modes designed to quickly analyze large areas.

Paul N. Gardner Co. Adhesion Testing Analyzer

Adhesion Test Analyzer Calculates Classification to ASTM D3359
Paul N. Gardner Co.’s Adhesion Test Analyzer (ATA) is designed to take the guesswork and subjectivity out of rating the classification of adhesion results as defined in the ASTM D3359 standard.

Paul N. Gardner BYK a200 thermo-anemometer

Thermo-anemometer Measures Air Temp, Velocity, Relative Humidity
The BYK a200 thermo-anemometer from Paul N. Gardner is well-suited for indoor applications such as checking walk-in drying ovens, spray booths or ambient-air drying rooms.

Paul N. Gardner Fischerscope ST200 scratch tester

Scratch Testing System Analyzes Coating Adhesion
The Fischerscope ST200 from Paul N. Gardner is a progressive-load scratch tester designed to analyze the adhesion and cohesion strength of coatings according to ASTM C1624, ISO 20502 and DIN EN 1071-3.

Paul N. Gardner PosiTest DFT II coating thickness gage

Paul N. Gardner Gages Measure Coating Thickness on Variety of Metals
Two models of the PosiTest DFT II coating thickness gage are available: a ferrous version for measuring non-magnetic coatings on steel, and a combo version that can be used to measure both non-magnetic coatings on steel and non-conductive coatings on aluminum, brass and others.

CureView gradient oven from Paul N. Gardner

Paul N. Gardner Gradient Oven Performs Thermal Tests, Simulations
The CureView gradient ovens can be used to evaluate thermal stability, flow behavior, chemical resistance and sample preparation for further testing.

Paul N. Gardner 7000A and 7000D durometer operating stands

Paul N. Gardner Operating Stands Smoothly Control Durometer Rate of Descent
Paul N. Gardner’s 7000A and 7000D durometer operating stands feature hydraulic dampers designed to smoothly control the durometer’s rate of descent, without jump or stutter.

Byko-drive XL automatic film applicator

Paul N. Gardner Auto Film Applicator Performs Coating Drawdowns in Varying Speeds
The Byko-drive XL automatic film applicator from Paul N. Gardner is designed to perform drawdowns of coatings and inks in programmable speeds ranging from 5 to 500 mm/sec.

Paul N. Gardner standards for measuring roughness

Standards Set Allows for Comparison Measurement of Surface Roughness
Paul N. Gardner offers a composite set of standards for comparing surface roughness to give users a realistic idea of the feel, appearance and texture of machined components.

Paul N. Gardner Novo-Gloss Trio glossmeter

Triple-Angle Glossmeter Measures Variety of Surfaces
The Novo-Gloss Trio glossmeter from Paul N. Gardner is designed for gloss measurements of all surfaces, including matt matte and mirror surfaces. It is adjustable to angles of 20, 60 and 85 degrees to handle a variety of applications.

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