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Serving the metal finishing industry

Gilbert & Jones is a leading supplier of inorganic specialty chemicals to the metal finishing and waste treatment industries.

Serving the metal finishing industry

Customers choose Gilbert & Jones because of three critical assets: - Top quality brand name product lines - Supported with unsurpassed technical skills - A pro-active stance on environmentally progressive chemicals, particularly the alternatives to old-style ozone-depleting solvents.

Serving the metal finishing industry

Quality Anodes: Nickel, Copper, Tin-Lead, Brass, Cadmium & Zinc High Purity Metallic Chemistry: Sodium Hypophosphite, Nickel, Tin, Cobalt, Brass & Copper Chemistry Alkaline Cleaners, Solvent Alternatives, Brightener Systems, Laboratory Supplies, Waste Treatment Chemicals, Pro-pHx

As Seen In Products Finishing

John Gilbert Receives Award at NE Surface Finishing Regional

John Gilbert Receives Award at NE Surface Finishing Regional
Gilbert has over 23 years working in sales with his brother, George, in the metal finishing and the chemical distribution business.

Product Categories of Gilbert & Jones

Anode Bags
Anode Bars, Baskets, Hooks
Anodes, Brass & Bronze
Anodes, Cadmium
Anodes, Cobalt, Nickel/Cobalt
Anodes, Copper
Anodes, Nickel
Anodes, Tin-Lead
Anodes, Tin-Zinc
Anodes, Zinc
Baskets, Dipping, Pickling, Handling
Cleaning & Pretreatment Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals, Aqueous
Cleaning Equipment, High-Pressure Wand
Cleaning Equipment, Ultrasonic
Cleaning Systems, Aqueous or CFC-free
Cleaning Systems, Centrifugal
Conveyor Cleaning Equipment
Danglers & Cathode Contacts, Barrel Plating
Drum Pumps
Dryers, Centrifugal
Laboratory Supplies, Plating
Mechanical Plating Supplies
pH Electrodes
pH Meters
Plating Processes, Cadmium
Plating Processes, Chromium
Plating Processes, Chromium, Colored
Plating Processes, Copper
Plating Processes, Copper, Electroless
Plating Processes, Nickel
Plating Processes, Nickel Sulfamate
Plating Processes, Nickel, Electroless
Plating Processes, Nickel, Satin Finish
Plating Processes, Nickel-Iron
Plating Processes, Tin
Plating Processes, Tin-Nickel
Plating Processes, Tin-Zinc
Plating Processes, Zinc
Plating Processes, Zinc-Cobalt
Plating Processes, Zinc-Iron
Plating Processes, Zinc-Nickel
Programmable Controllers
Pumps for Chemical Service
Pumps, Paint, Plural-Component Metering
Sodium Hypophosphite
Tank Covers
Tanks, Chemical Shipping
Tanks, Metal
Tanks, Plastic
Titanium Racks, baskets