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Improve your filter efficiency

GLOBAL FILTRATION SYSTEMS pioneered the self-cleaning filtration market in the United States.

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Global Filtration Systems’ Filtration Systems Resist Corrosive Chemicals
These systems are engineered for both manual and automated configurations.

AF-series backflushing filter

Self-cleaning Filtration System Eliminates Need for Disassembly
These rugged systems resist the effects of corrosive chemicals and other hostile fluids.

Backflushing Filter Systems Handle Aggressive Chemicals
Global Filtration Systems – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 619

Backflushing Filter System
Global Filtration Systems, formerly a division of Asahi/America, will exhibit its AF-Series backflushing filter system, which enables filtration without disassembly for cleaning.

Global Filtration Backflushing Filter System
In the AF-Series backflushing filter system from Global Filtration Systems, permanent media is periodically backflush-cleaned in a short cycle, without solution loss.

Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems
Global Filtration Systems will display its line of patented self-cleaning filtration systems, carbon treatment units and oil-extraction systems.

Pollution Control Technologies
Products and systems that can help finishers comply with environmental regulations

Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems
Company offers a broad line of patented self-cleaning filtration systems, carbon treatment units and oil extraction systems.

Global Filtration Systems
Global Filtration Systems, Formerly a Div. of Asahi/America, offers a broad line of patented self-cleaning filtration systems, carbon treatment units, & oil extraction systems.

Product Categories of Global Filtration Systems, Inc.

Absorbents for Chemical Spills
Anode Bags
Coils, liquid heating and cooling
Consultants, independent, water pollution control
Controls, fluid pressure
Controls, liquid level
Controls, pH
Cooling Equipment for Plating and Anodizing Solutions
Deionizers, Demineralizers
Drum Pumps
Filter Media for Dust Collectors
Filter Media for Liquids: bags, cartridges and rolls
Filter Media for Paint
Filtration Equipment, solution
Flow Meters, liquid
Heat Exchangers
Heaters, immersion
Oil Skimmers, separators
pH Electrodes
pH Meters
pH Papers
Pipe-Line Strainers
Pollution Control Equipment, activated carbon absorption
Pollution Control Equipment, ion exchange
Pollution Control Equipment, membrane filtration
Pollution Control Equipment, reverse-osmosis
Pumps for Chemical Service
Resins, ion exchange
Sludge Bags
Test Kits, water analysis
Ultrafiltration Equipment
Water-Softening Equipment