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Graco ProBell rotary bell atomizer

Rotary Bell Applicator Provides Fine Finish in Scalable Design
Graco Inc.’s ProBell rotary atomizer features intuitive controls and a modular, scalable design for fine-finish atomization and high transfer efficiency in an easy-to-install configuration.

Gema RobotGun powder coating gun

Powder Gun Integrates into Robot Application Systems
Gema, a Graco Inc. company, will display the RobotGun, a compact powder coating application gun that can be integrated into robot application systems.

The Graco Ultra and Ultra Max airless handheld sprayers are available in corded and cordless models.

Graco Launches Ultra and Ultra Max Professional Airless Handheld Sprayers
Graco Inc. introduces its new line of airless handheld sprayers, the Graco Ultra and Ultra Max airless handheld sprayers, available in corded and cordless models.

Graco ProBell Rotary Atomizer

Graco’s ProBell Rotary Atomizer Delivers Uniform Atomization
Graco’s ProBell rotary atomizer is designed to provide the highest performance with intuitive spraying controls.

Liquid Clinic: Justifying Liquid Automation
Q. I am trying to justify liquid automation for my plant, but am not sure how to develop a return on investment. What are some guidelines that would help?

Graco Inc. Named a Best Workplace in Manufacturing and Production
Out of the employees surveyed worldwide, 97 percent were satisfied with the company.

Graco Launches ChemSafe Diaphragm Family for Corrosive Chemical Applications
The pumps feature an icing-resistant air system, overmolded diaphragms and a positive seat-check assembly.

Electric Supply Pump Suited for High-Pressure Applications
Graco’s E-Flo DC (dual-control) electric supply pump features an energy-efficient electric brushless DC motor that stalls under pressure and changes speeds to maintain constant fluid pressure, similar to a pneumatic air motor.

Graco Sells Liquid Finishing Business Assets
Carlisle Companies buys Binks spray finishing equipment, DeVilbiss spray guns and accessories, Ransburg electrostatic equipment and accessories, and BGK curing technology.

Electrostatic Spray Gun Gets Upgrades
The newly designed Pro Xp electrostatic spray gun from Graco Inc. is now smaller and lighter than previous models and has a built in power supply.

Graco Positive Displacement Proportioner Reduces Material Waste
Graco’s ProMix PD2K positive displacement proportioner mixes the material close to the gun so the flush zone is smaller, reducing solvent use and mixed material waste when compared with traditional proportioners.

Graco E-Flo electric circulating pumps

Graco Electric Circulating Pumps
Graco will display its E-Flo DC electric circulating pumps, which are designed to operate by maintaining either constant pressure or a constant flow rate.

paint spraying

Take the Paint Efficiency Audit
Achieve cost savings through more efficient finishing operations. As finishing operations look to stay competitive in an increasingly global economy, it’s no surprise that efficiency has become a popular topic.

Finishing Consultants to Distribute Graco Products
Finishing Consultants is now an authorized distributor of Graco products, accessories, parts and factory-trained technical services for customers throughout the Western United States.

Graco Dual-Control Electric Drive Pumps Deliver Consistent Finishes, Energy Cost Savings
Graco’s E-Flo DC dual-control electric circulating pumps are designed to maintain either constant pressure or a constant flow rate in paint finishing applications.

Graco Handheld Paint Sprayers Designed for Smaller Jobs
Graco Inc.’s TrueCoat II and TrueCoat Plus II handheld sprayers are designed to provide professional-quality finishes for smaller “household” projects such as painting walls, ceilings, trim and doors.

Graco Handheld Sprayers Paint Small Jobs Faster
Available in cordless and electric models, Graco Inc.’s TrueCoat Pro II handheld sprayers include features designed to make spraying small interior, exterior and specialty jobs faster and easier.

Graco Handheld Sprayers Paint Small Jobs Faster
Available in cordless and electric models, Graco Inc.’s TrueCoat Pro II handheld sprayers include features designed to make spraying small interior, exterior and specialty jobs faster and easier.

Graco Cordless, Airless Paint Sprayers Handle Heavy-Duty Coatings
Graco’s XForce HD and ProShot HD heavy-duty hand-held sprayers are battery-powered and designed to enable a single-coat airless finish to be quickly applied virtually anywhere.

FTC Requires Graco to Sell ITW Liquid Finishing Equipment Businesses
The Federal Trade Commission will require Graco to sell the worldwide liquid finishing business of Illinois Tool Works and ITW Finishing under a proposed order as part of a settlement. It will resolve charges that its $650 million acquisition of several ITW businesses would have been anticompetitive and led to higher prices and reduced innovation for the North American manufacturers who rely on this equipment.

Painting Proportioners Becoming Popular With Finishers
Offer high ratio accuracy, various flow rates

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