Hammond Roto-Finish

1600 Douglas Ave.
Kalamazoo , MI 49007 US


As Seen In Products Finishing

Angle-cut cylinders

Mainstream Media
The first mass finishing media product for tumble finishing was crushed limestone, which was shortly followed by red granite, a much longer-lasting product.

Opposing nozzles

New Approach to Internal Deburring and Cleaning
Opposing blast nozzles put turbulence to work.

A Flexdeburr tool in action,

Flexible Finishing Fits Automated Cells
Radially compliant tool facilitates robotic deburring

Product Categories of Hammond Roto-Finish

Backstand Idlers
Barrel Lining Service
Burnishing Compounds
Centrifugal Barrel or Disk Finishing Equipment
Chemical-Polishing Processes
Deburring Equipment
Dust Collectors, Dust-Control Systems
Lathes, Buffing & Polishing
Mass-Finishing Compounds
Mass-Finishing Media
Mass-Finishing Supplies
Polishing & Buffing Equipment, Automatic
Polishing Machinery, Abrasive Belt
Robots, Deburring, Buffing, Polishing
Vibratory Finishing Equipment