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Haviland Products Company soil removal and surface pretreatment systems, offer a wide variety of products for the effective removal of all oils and grease compounds, including water soluble/synthetic and chlorinated paraffins.

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What began as a small research and testing lab in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1934, is now a $1000 million/year corporation with two divisions, 200+ employees and 800,000 square-feet of manufacturing space.

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HP Ultima Bright Nickel systems incorporate exceptional brightness and leveling with ease of operation.

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Haviland Products Company offers the very latest in Zinc electroplating and passivate technology, including single component alkaline non-cyanide Zinc additives for unparalleled brightness and ease of passivation.

As Seen In Products Finishing

3 Tests to Ensure Parts are Clean Prior to Plating
Making sure that all of the pre-processing fluids are removed prior to plating is not as simple as it seems. Richard Held of Haviland Enterprises outlines three tests that can help verify that your parts are clean.

Haviland Promotes New Senior Staff
Haviland Products Company recently announced an overhaul of its senior staff, promoting many of its existing employees.

Haviland Combats Hand Sanitizer Shortage
Haviland Products Company retooled its Kalamazoo manufacturing location to produce hand sanitizer for non-profits in need. It has since expanded its disinfectant line and found it a significant growth segment.

Haviland Products Company Expands Surface Finishing Staff
Haviland Products Company recently hired Alex Beck as a technical sales account manager. The company hopes to continue expanding its surface finishing market.

Haviland Enterprises Partners with LANXESS Corporation to Distribute Disinfectant
Haviland has released Rely+On Virkon, a broad-spectrum hard surface disinfectant, to help businesses maintain clean, safe facilities.

Haviland Chemistries Keep Plating Operations Inline
Products include cleaners and chromates for anodizing and zincating.

Coronavirus Response in Manufacturing: Haviland Enterprises
In response to the coronavirus crisis, Haviland has delivered its first batch of 500 gallons of hand sanitizer at no charge for groups within its local community (re)filling pump or squeeze-style sanitizer dispensers.

aluminum anodizing

Northern Indiana Anodize Opens $8 Million Finishing Plant
NIA has 23 tanks that are 32 feet long to accommodate aluminum parts up to 28 feet in length, as well as 26 smaller tanks.

Haviland's Process Designed for Plating Complicated Parts
Enables uniform deposition across wide range of current densities.

Haviland VP of Finance Meg Post

Haviland Names VP of Finance
Meg Post is replacing Terry Schoen, and will oversee the company’s financial operations, including accounting and reporting, financial planning and business analysis, IT, and risk management.

Haviland new staff appointments

Haviland Makes New Appointments to Support Business Growth
Rob Pawson has been promoted to national sales manager of surface finishing and anodizing.He has been with Haviland for 25 years, most recently serving as regional sales manager.

Haviland Mike Karasiewicz and Bernie Haviland

Haviland Appoints New CEO to Replace Retiring Son of Founder
Mike Karasiewicz will take over for E. Bernard “Bernie” Haviland, who is retiring from the company his father founded in 1934.

Haviland Breaks Ground on New Plating/Anodizing Pilot Line
The company expects that the new Grand Rapids, Michigan, operation will increase throughput and testing by nearly 400 percent.

Haviland Products Havalloy ZN-TCP zinc-nickel alloy plating

Zinc Alloy Process Provides Ductile Deposits, Faster Plate Times
At Sur/Fin 2018, Haviland Products Co. will feature its Havalloy ZN-TCP zinc-nickel alloy plating process, designed to provide ductile deposits and faster plate times on complex-shaped parts containing 13-15 percent nickel by weight.

Haviland 80th Anniversary Underscored With National Recognition As One Of Best For Employee Financial Security
Haviland also featured in the October issue of Inc. Magazine for being named one of 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security.

Haviland Announces 100% Employee Ownership
Prior to this sale, Haviland Enterprises was owned 54 percent by the Haviland family and 46 percent by Haviland employees.

picture of graham torr

A Conversation With … Graham Torr
You wouldn’t know it by his quiet demeanor these days, but Graham Torr was once a head banger of the heavy metal variety.

A video screen near the chrome line

Dedicated to Decorative
Adversity becomes opportunity for plating job shop

Product Categories of Haviland Enterprises Inc.

Aluminum Etchants & Deoxidizers
Anodizing Sealants
Anti-Mist Chemical Additives
Antiquing Solutions
Blackening Processes, Solutions
Chromate Conversion Coatings
Cleaning Chemicals, Aqueous
Descaling Chemicals
Phosphate Coating Chemicals
Plating Processes, Alloy: Chromium Substitute
Plating Processes, Chromium
Plating Processes, Chromium, Colored
Plating Processes, Chromium, Trivalent
Plating Processes, Copper
Plating Processes, Copper, Electroless
Plating Processes, Nickel
Plating Processes, Nickel, Electroless
Plating Processes, Tin
Plating Processes, Tin, Electroless
Plating Processes, Tin-Zinc
Plating Processes, Zinc
Plating Processes, Zinc-Nickel
Pollution Control Chemicals, Chromium Reduction
Pollution Control Chemicals, Cyanide Oxidation
Pollution Control Chemicals, Heavy-Metal Removal