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Company Profile

Hubbard-Hall's core expertise is chemicals and our customers are a diverse group of manufacturing companies who use chemicals in the processing of a downstream finished good.

Better Chemistry. Better Business

As the nation's most experienced chemical distributor, Hubbard-Hall brings hands-on expertise to the intersection of chemistry and industry, creating economic value for every customer.

Better Chemistry. Better Business

Better, Safer, Faster solutions to improve your process and sustainability, without sacrificing productivity.

Better Chemistry. Better Business

Many chemicals are just the building blocks or raw materials in a manufacturing process.

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Hubbard-Hall Formulations Enable Safety Compliance
Hubbard-Hall designs chemicals for surface finishing applications.

Zinc Phosphating Process Designed to be High Performing, Environmentally Friendly
Hubbard-Hall and Phosfan LLC’s new Phosfan zinc phosphating technology is said to discharge no water, operate at room temperature and produce less sludge—all while also producing a coating with high adhesion and corrosion properties.

A Brite Co. to Distribute Hubbard-Hall Products
Hubbard-Hall develops, services and supplies a proprietary line of specialty chemicals for the surface finishing industry, and it sources, warehouses and distributes commodity chemicals and precision cleaners to manufacturers.

Hubbard-Hall's Ted Saltzman, market manager for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Hubbard-Hall Adds Market Manager
Hubbard-Hall Inc. has added Ted Saltzman as market manager for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Hubbard-Hall VP of speciality sales and business development Scott Papst

Hubbard-Hall Announces New Vice President
Hubbard-Hall’s Board of Directors has promoted Scott Papst to vice president, specialty sales and business development.

Technical Team to Speak in Education Sessions
Mike Valenti and Robin Deal of Hubbard-Hall will both offer presentations as part of Fabtech 2017’s educational component.

Liz Mendonca, production manager, Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Hubbard-Hall Newest Team Members Bring Engineering, Marketing Expertise
Hubbard-Hall announces two new additions to its team bringing engineering and marketing expertise to the company.

AquaPure T 500 Eases Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater
Hubbard-Hall’s AquaPure T 500 is formulated to ease the removal of selected heavy and complexed metals like lead, copper nickel and zinc from waste streams.

CCAI Presents 'Maintaining a Quality Finish' Webinar Series
This three-part series will be presented by CCAI corporate members who have proficient knowledge and experience with each of the webinar topics.

Hubbard-Hall Aquaease 2289 organic acid cleaner.

Organic Acid Cleaner Designed to Clean, Deoxidize, Brighten in One Step
Hubbard-Hall’s Aquaease 2289 is designed to reduce process steps required for cleaning aluminum and copper alloys.

OMG Roofing

Pretreatment Change Eases Wastewater Headaches
OMG Roofing Products gets help with wastewater treatment.

Hubbard-Hall Expands Line of Heat Treat Salts
Hubbard-Hall announces additional capacity for heat treat salts and corresponding services, effective immediately.

From left to right: Senior Technical Advisor Larry Ensley, Inman Mayor Cornelius Huff, Inman City Administrator Jeremy B. Caudle, and Hubbard-Hall President & CEO Molly Kellogg cut the ribbon in honor of the renovated lab.

Hubbard-Hall Celebrates Newly Renovated Laboratory
South Carolina Mayor Cornelius Huff led the ribbon cutting ceremony as chemical manufacturer and distributor, Hubbard-Hall opened a newly renovated lab.

Eyelet Manufacturer Finds Safer Paint Stripping With Aquastrip
The manufacturer was buying a stripping product from another company, but there were several issues regarding service, value and performance. Not to mention the strong odor and no one really wanted to use it.

Hubbard-Hall Awarded 2016 Top Workplaces Honor
As a Lean company, Hubbard-Hall’s mantra is “Better, Safer, Faster” with a premium on personal growth and continuous improvement.

Hubbard-Hall's Aquastrip ACB Stripper Removes Powder, Wet paint, CARC Coatings from Variety of Materials
Company says Aquastrip ACB achieves a potential increase in productivity by 22 percent, and up to 85 percent in masking material expenses. See the Video!

Frechette joins Hubbard-Hall as Market Manager of Non-ferrous Metals
Responsibilities include analyzing Hubbard-Hall’s current product line, providing recommendations for products to be sourced or added, and developing new sales and market strategies for the company’s diverse range of products.

Hubbard-Hall Wins Prestigious United Way of Greater Waterbury’s Spirit of Excellence
The company was recognized for its outstanding employee-driven effort which succeeded in raising over $37,000 in addition to a generous $30,000 corporate gift.

Hubbard-Hall Boosts Staff in Sales, Technical Service
Mierzejewski joins as a chemical engineer based in Connecticut headquarters; Salvino joined the sales team in a business development role in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Hubbard-Hall’s Heavy Duty Cleaner Cleans Nonferrous Metals
This product is designed for soak, ultrasonic and spray applications, as well as aluminum, copper, nickel, brass and stainless steel alloys.

Chuck Kellogg Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Kellogg was one of the founding members of NACD in 1971.

Product Categories of Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Acid Salts
Aluminum Etchants and Deoxidizers
Antiquing Solutions
Blackening Processes, solutions
Bright Dips
Burnishing Compounds
Chemical-Polishing Processes
Chromate Conversion Coatings
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Cleaning Systems, aqueous or CFC-free
Coatings, etchant resistant
Coatings, military and government specification
Descaling Chemicals
Flocculants, Polyelectrolytes
Lubricants, polishing
Mass-Finishing Compounds
Mass-Finishing Supplies
Nickel Activators
Oxide Finishes, colored
Paint Strippers, chemical
Phosphate Coating Chemicals
Pickling Solutions
Plating Processes for Aluminum
Plating Processes for Printed Circuits
Plating Processes, cadmium
Plating Processes, copper, electroless
Plating Processes, nickel
Plating Processes, nickel, electroless
Plating Processes, tin
Plating Processes, tin, electroless
Pollution Control Chemicals, chromium reduction
Pollution Control Chemicals, cyanide oxidation
Pollution Control Chemicals, heavy-metal removal
Pollution Control Chemicals, sulfide precipitation
Printed Circuit Board Etchants
Printed Circuit Board Processing Chemicals
Rinse Aids
Rust Removers
Rust-Converting Coatings
Rust-Preventive Chemicals and Oils
Smut Removers, aluminum
Solar-Collector Coatings
Solvents, degreasing
Spray Booth Cleaning Materials
Stripping Solutions, metal
Tarnish-Preventive Treatments