Innovative Industries

Box 41205
Cleveland, OH 44141 US


Product Categories of Innovative Industries

Conveyors, chain-on-edge spindle-type
Curing Equipment, Ultraviolet (UV) & Electron Beam (EB)
Finishing Systems, paint, porcelain enamel, powder, conveyorized
Infrared Heaters, electric
Ovens, infrared
Oven-Temperature Monitors/Curing Analyzers
Paint Stripping Equipment, burn off
Painting Equipment for Test Panels
Painting Equipment, electrostatic spray
Painting Equipment, electrostatic: high-speed rotational application
Powder Coating Equipment, electrostatic spray
Powder Coating Sieves, Screening Devices, Sifters
Powder Coating Systems, engineering and installation
Power Supplies for Electrostatic Processes
Spray Booths, paint and powder coating
Spray-Gun Movers, paint or powder coating