Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC

Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC


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UV-Cured Powder Coatings and LED-Curing Technology

UV curing of coatings is a proven technology and offers a practical and profitable alternative to traditional curing.

Keyland UVMax Defender Bolsters Antimicrobial Protection

Keyland Polymer says its UVMax Defender solution for adding antimicrobial protection to UV-cured powder coatings shows excellent robustness and effectiveness.

UVMax Polyester Offers Curing Efficiencies

FABTECH 2020: Keyland Polymer’s UVMax UV-cured powder coatings offer an instant cure and much lower temperatures than other finishing technologies.

DKSH Becomes Exclusive Distribution Partner for Keyland Polymer

Jenny Rush Products Finishing

DKSH is an exclusive distribution partner for Keyland in Europe, key areas of Asia and Australia. Keyland specializes in developing and manufacturing UV-cured powder coatings.

Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC

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