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Company Overview Keyland Polymer, Ltd. is the only company worldwide whose sole focus is the development — formulation — and manufacturing of UV-curable powder coatings.

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Keyland Polymer Showcases UVMax Polyester
UVMax Polyester is a polyester-based, UV-curable powder coating, which is suitable for a variety of applications.

UV lights

UV-Cured Powder Coatings and LED-Curing Technology
UV curing of coatings is a proven technology and offers a practical and profitable alternative to traditional curing.

Keyland Polymer UV LED curing unit

Demo Will Use UV LED Technology to Cure Polyester Powder Coat
Keyland Polymer Material Sciences will use a UV LED demonstration unit at FABTECH 2018 to cure its UVMax Polyester powder coating on cold-rolled steel bottle openers.

Several powder companies were heavily promoting UV curable powders for MDF throughout the 1990s and early to mid-2000s

Growing the MDF Powder Coating Market
Over the last 15 years, DVUV has overcome a number of challenges, including the variables inherent within the MDF substrate not typical of conductive metal substrates.

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Coatings, Radiation-Curable
Powder Coatings