LA-CO Industries, Inc., Markal Industrial Marking Products

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Dura-Ink WashAway Removed Without Residue
This compact ink marker dries fast and requires no special cleaners to remove.

Markal Mini Paint Marker Dries Fast, Cutting Downtime
The Markal Quik Stik Mini industrial marker from LA-CO Industries is a smooth-marking solid paint marker that dries in 5-7 minutes, enabling almost-immediate handling and eliminating downtime.

LA-CO Names New President
LA-CO Industries Inc./Markal Co. has named George Bowman as the company’s president, replacing John Hardin, who retired.

Certified Paint Markers Meet Government Specifications
Certified Valve Action paint markers from LA-CO Industries are equipped with the same features as the company’s Markal markers but also meet U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD 2041D, EDF PMUC, U.S. Department of Energy RDT F-7-3T (expired) and U.S. Navy C3070 specifications.

Markal Pro-Line WP Liquid Paint Markers

Waterproof Product Markers
Engineered with a permanent, fast-drying and low VOC formula, Markal Pro-Line WP Liquid Paint Markers resist spreading when in contact with water or water-based liquids.

Residue-Free Dry Erase Marker
For temporary marking during assembly, fabricating and quality control processes LA-CO/Markal has added a line of dry erase markers to its Dura-Ink line.

Pro-Wash markers

High Marks for Markers
Removable paint markers smooth Railcraft’s production process

Markal/LA-CO Industries
The Pro-Wash paint marker uses a new real paint formula that’s completely removable in either water (Pro-Wash W) or mild detergent formulas (Pro-Wash D). Both formulas are available in six colors: red, black, white, yellow, blue and green, and encased in an industrial strength plastic barrel with a valve-actuated tip that releases paint on demand for smooth, continuous use.

High-Performance Industrial Markers
Company is introducing a 36-page, four color catalog that serves as a comprehensive resource for its innovative line of high performance industrial markers.

Industrial Markers
Product catalog introduces high performance industrial markers including liquid paint markers, solid paint markers, felt-tip ink markers, temperature indicators and marker holders.

Removable Paint Marker
Pro-WashTM W is a water removable paint marker that washes off easily in plain tap water.

Product Categories of LA-CO Industries, Inc., Markal Industrial Marking Products

Cleaning and Phosphating Equipment
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Cleaning Equipment, high-pressure wand
Fluxes, tinning and soldering
Paint, touch-up
Part Recognition
Temperature Indicators
Testing Equipment, surface cleanliness