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Products Finishing at IMTS Spark
Products Finishing announces Plating Insights track at IMTS Spark, a digital experience that connects exhibitors and visitors through educational programming, demonstrations and networking opportunities.


How to Troubleshoot and Fix Nickel Show from Hex-Chrome Baths
Nickel show on parts from hexavalent chromium baths can have many causes. Adam Blakeley of MacDermid Enthone lays out potential causes and how to fix them.

A Conversation with Richard Lynch of MacDermid Enthone

A Conversation with Richard Lynch of MacDermid Enthone
Vice president of MacDermid Enthone Richard Lynch talks to Products Finishing about the importance of mentors, sustainability and sweater vests.

MacDermid Launches Environmental Solutions Business

MacDermid Launches Environmental Solutions Business
MacDermid Envio Solutions will focus on helping customers profitably reduce their environmental impact through proprietary water treatments and materials recycling solutions.

MacDermid Enthone's Kenlevel Offers Nontoxic Process

MacDermid Enthone's Kenlevel Offers Nontoxic Process
Kenlevel BF2 provides a burn-free deposit with metal distribution, bright appearance and passivate receptivity for improved corrosion performance.

Fixing Dull Parts From Alkaline Zinc-Nickel Bath
A lack of expected brightness is a common malady affecting many alkaline zinc-nickel platers, and MacDermid Enthone’s Adam Blakeley provides some answers to fix it.

MacDermid Enthone Promotes Richard Lynch and Glen Breault

MacDermid Enthone Promotes Richard Lynch and Glen Breault
MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions (MEIS) promotes Rich Lynch as VP MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions and Glen Breault as VP North America Industrial Solutions.

MacDermid Enthone Enseal is Chromium-Free Sealer

MacDermid Enthone Enseal is Chromium-Free Sealer
Product is an ELV-compliant clear, water-based inorganic sealer for use on electroplated, zinc and zinc-nickel finishes.

Volkswagen Approves MacDermid's Trivalent Chromium Process

Volkswagen Approves MacDermid's Trivalent Chromium Process
Volkswagen approves Trilyte Flash SF to meet its global requirements for decorative exterior and interior trim.

MacDermid Enthone Acquires Chemtech Systems
Acquisition expands MacDermid Enthone’s investments in surface finishing equipment design and supply. 

MacDermid Enthone Supports Folds of Honor
Charity provides educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members.

How to Ensure Topcoat or Sealer Maintains Corrosion Resistance
Adam Blakeley with MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions says there are six crucial parameters for proper application of sealers.

MacDermid Enthone Coatings Improve Durability, Aesthetics
MacDermid’s chemistries are used for metal and plastics in a range of applications.

MacDermid Promotes Timms to Director of Sustainable Excellence
MacDermid Promotes Jonathan Timms to Director of Sustainable Excellence

MacDermid to Support Fiat Chrysler's Chromium-plated Plastics
MacDermid to Support Fiat Chrysler's Chromium-plated Plastics

Products Finishing News Update Newsletter, Dec. 19
Here is the Products Finishing Latest News for the week December 19, which includes information on how coatings for additive manufacturing is showing promise and Boeing and AkzoNobel have coated their 787th plane in the 787 fleet.

plated engine part

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions Debuts NiKlad ELV Velocity HP Process
Process is a new generation, lead and cadmium-free, high speed high phosphorus electroless nickel plating system that allows for improved plating rates.

people in a lab

MacDermid Enthone Academy Offers Training Program
Initially known as the Plating Academy, the training scheme was initiated in 2003 to provide a standard format for employee education in electroplating.

Master Finish Receives MacDermid Enthone DecoKlad license

Master Finish Receives MacDermid Enthone DecoKlad License
This license makes the MIchigan shop the first DecoKlad applicator in the Americas and the fourth to be certified globally in the program.

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions Promotes Lynch to VP of Americas
Richard Lynch has more than 30 years in the industry, having held various technical, sales and operations roles, most recently as the MEIS director of marketing and business development.

MacDermid Mike Goralski

Goralski to Manage MacDermid Performance Solutions Global Supply Chain
MacDermid Performance Solutions (MPS) has promoted Mike Goralski to vice president charged with managing the full global supply chain for all five of its business units.

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