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Specialists in Metal Finishing Chemicals and Equipment

METAL CHEM is a specialty chemical business located in Greenville, SC that works to develop, manufacture, and service pretreatment, post-treatment, and waste treatment products used in the metal finishing industry.

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Metal Chem Celebrates Grand Opening of New Facility

Metal Chem Celebrates Grand Opening of New Facility
Metal Chem is celebrating the grand opening of its new primary location in Greenville, S.C. This facility drastically expands Metal Chem’s production and R&D capacity.

Metal Chem Specializes in Electroless Nickel Chemistries for Plating

Metal Chem Specializes in Electroless Nickel Chemistries for Plating
Metal Chem’s electroless nickel Meta-Plate UCB is RoHS-compliant and meets salt spray requirements.

Determining the Proper Material for an Electroless Nickel Plating Tank
The stability of your electroless nickel (EN) bath may require one type of tank over another, says Mike Aleksinas of MetalChem.

Metal Chem's Armor Plate EN is RoHS Compliant, Chrome-free
Also provides the additional benefits of electroless nickel.

How Duplex Electroless Nickel Coatings Can Be Advantageous
As applications for electroless nickel (EN) coatings continue to expand, Met-Chem’s Mike Aleksinas explains how it has become obvious that one type of EN cannot possibly meet all the physical/mechanical properties that a specific application may require.

Metal Chem Plans $3.5M Expansion in South Carolina
The project will add new production space and R&D capabilities in Greer, South Carolina, and will include the company’s corporate offices and a customer training facility.

How to Treat Spent Electroless Nickel Baths
What options do today’s platers have for dealing with the disposal of EN baths? Metal Chem’s Michael Aleksinas outlines the technology that’s currently available.

How to Pass a 100-Hour Salt Spray Test for Electroless Nickel
Q. One of our most recent requirements is to pass a 100-hour salt spray test with our current medium phosphorus electroless nickel process. Our present EN does not seem to pass this test on a consistent basis. How we can pass this test?

Balancing an Electroless Nickel Bath  to Optimize Performance

Balancing an Electroless Nickel Bath to Optimize Performance
While today’s EN baths are much more user friendly than they were even 10 years ago, plating shops still strive to maintain consistent, trouble-free operation. The following provides a basic understanding of EN bath control.

The Iron Pillar of Delhi is a Hindu monument constructed around A.D. 400, and is an example of  corrosion-resistant steel.

Electroless Nickel-Plated Steel vs. Stainless Steel
Corrosion resistance comparisons and cost savings of EN-plated mild steel versus 400 series stainless steel.

Electroless Nickel-plated Steel versus Stainless Steel: Case Studies

Electroless Nickel-plated Steel versus Stainless Steel: Case Studies
This paper highlights two case studies of manufacturers that have replaced, or done studies to replace, stainless steel with electroless nickel-plated mild steel. In both cases, cost savings could be realized while maintaining or improving product quality.

Just Peachy in South Carolina as Palmetto Plating thrives on ingenuity, automotives
More than 1 million of them pass through tanks each year at Palmetto, which specializes in anodizing, black oxide, chromate conversion coatings, decorative and hard chrome, electroless nickel, pickling, and passivation.

Pitting on Thick Electroless Nickel Deposits
Plating thick EN deposits without pitting

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